july 13 2017

Well a few interesting things to write about.
We had a bear running around Waskish for a couple weeks. From the story I heard he was caught ? Yep, a local had a raccoon trap in his yard and the bear put his tongue in it. I guess its a tube that you stuff marshmallows in. I’m not sure if that the first bear ever trapped by his tongue.
Talk to Steve, He said Tyler was hammering them. 6 feet of water?
Rodgers had a good fishing report also
From the sounds of it the fish are cooperating between 6 and 8 feet of water.
Weather wise lets just say brrrrr. I had 3 layers on yesterday when I was mowing at work. The plan is to wet a line this weekend if the weather cooperates.
The cabins are wide open the rest of the summer at this time.It seems every year it slows down up here after the 4th. The big pike should be turning on .Speed trolling is the trick and if your catch one with a black and orange salmo its mine.
Hillmen’s has there softball tournament coming up the last weekend of July. They are still looking for teams so if there’s any team out there that wants to play I can host a team here for lodging. If your young they play tackle football in the mud pit Saturday evening after softball and it is quite the sight to see. They also play beer ball Friday evening and that is always a hoot.
Last thing is this weekend is the street machine nationals at the st paul fairgrounds. Back in the 80s The hammer and I stumbled upon them when we were cruising around in my 340 duster and man did we have a good time sitting down by the fair grounds watching all the cars coming and going. We found a stop light and just set there all evening