aug 1rst 2017

Wow where did the month of July go? I guess its that old adage when your having fun time fly’s by.
The lake is low this year as we are in a semi drought in this area. Our good friends Bob and Rick came up this past weekend so we got out Friday eve when I got home from work. We drove past the ball fields on our way to launch the boat and Hillmens were getting ready to start there game of beer ball and it look like they were having a nice turn out for that.
We headed straight out to deeper water 12 feet where we trolled spinners and ended up picking up 7 nice keeper, a couple sheephead and one small pike. Not bad for just a couple hours of fishing.
Saturday we were in no hurry to fish so we went and had breakfast at westwind before heading out.
This time it was a bit windier so we decided to drift around the same area we had fished the night before. The first drift we had a double and things looked promising. We only needed five more fish for a 3 limits. I ended up getting a fat 19 and we missed a few fish. A couple more sheephead were caught before we had our 5 keepers.
Coming in I saw Tyler when we were pulling up to our dock and Tyler had said they did real good Saturday morning in 13 feet of water.
Danny from outdoor authority was up for the softball tournament and landed a 29 inch walleye Thursday or friday
After dinner we went and watched the mud football. This year they only had two girl teams of 4 and 2 guy teams of 4. Every year different . I remember one year there were at least 8 teams and they played tell dark.
After the games we went over to Hillmens bar tall tavern where they had a outside band and enjoyed some music.
Sunday Bob and Rick headed home and I went and watched the softball . They had 7 teams this year.
The blue berry were a bust this year so I never got my 12 pints and will have to wait another year.
My friends Tim and Kim rolled in last night and are staying a couple days so I hope they can get a few fish.