aug 7th 2017

Another weekend is in the books.
Kimjoy and Tim enjoyed them self tenting down at the lake. The wind played a little factor in there fishing but they were not to disappointed and plan on coming up to try a little grouse hunting this fall. They also took in bible study at our Baptist church here in town on Wednesday and enjoyed seeing everyone again.
Jeff, Jeff and Dillon came up Saturday morning and we hiked out to our land as they wanted to check it out. jeff and Dillon had to take off so me and jeff got out to do a little fishing. The sheephead were very aggressive but we managed to get 3 nice keeper walleyes for dinner.. Jeff and I had a fire down at the lake as we watched another classic upper red lake sunset.
Sunday morning we headed out to my early morning spot where we picked off 4 nice fish before jeff had to head home. I did catch a eel pout of all things Saturday?
Danny did real good fishing with his clients as he was up here for over a week.
I ran in to a old customer/friend that was camping at the park and they also managed to find a few fish.