oct 10 2017

Not a whole lot to report on the fishing at this time. Sounds like the rainy river is hot.
We have been short handed at the golf course Oak Harbor Golf course so I have been working all most everyday.
I had the treat of seeing a bull moose on the way to work so that was a sweet. He crossed a dirt road right in front of me.
Buddy Hillmen is building a new fish house and its huge. Two stories, 14 by 28 I be leave.Its quite the sight to see. Looks like most of us that rent fish houses are starting to do the pre season prep work.
The reservation book is ready. As I always tell customers that I start taking reservation around hunting season.
The greek was here for a couple of days passing through from Alaska. We were able to get in a couple rounds of golf and had a hoot.
bob and Rick will be up to do some work on our deer trails and stands. My plan is to again try and take a deer with me recurve bow. I up graded to carbon arrows so I been doing a little shooting to get ready. I have a new spot to hunt this year and need bob and ricks help to get set up. The grouse hunting has been getting a little better as the leafs are falling off some of the lower brush and trees.
The fall colors were spectacular this year.
I still plan on doing a little more fishing as my friend Pat may be coming up next week with Jeff and his son coming up around the 21rst. So there may be a fishing report in the future, if the weather cooperates.