Day 34 January 19, 2009

With a busy weekend behind us its time to concentrate on the up and coming weekend.
Dave and Dallas checked in yesterday and had caught two fish when I checked in with them. Pat and Todd were in old Minnesota and head out today. They caught a total of 20 fish plus anything they caught last night. Todd flies in from San Francisco every year and they have become one of my best customers. I even let Pat beat me in a game of cribbage. How’s that for customer service?
The guys from Morton were quite the crew and I sure like them. Very fun loving with lots of ribbing. Always laughing. The young boys fished a tow behind and did well. Rodny, Dennis and the other two were a different story. They always seemed to be gone prime time either eating, drinking or showering at Westwind. I stopped in Friday night and two were passed out with one two many. With 8 holes in the house they had one line down and I’m not sure if they even had that set up properly. Oh well they will get them next time.
Suzy, Wayne and there boys Matt and Kale had good fishing in Florida.
Matt and Kale manned tip ups both days with little success. When I saw them last they had 10 keepers and were hoping for two more before they headed home. The guys in Utah were a no show and his name was Ben so if you call and your name is Ben I may be a little suspicious.
Tony and Nells fished California it started off slow 8 miles out but they managed to get there 6 for the trip home.
Jordon and Sherry were here Saturday and Sunday and head home today, they have caught a few walleyes and yesterday had some major excitement as they tagged into a big pike. After 5 runs Jordan attempted to reach down and grab the fish as he could not get it turned up the hole. After two attempts it got away to fight another day. They spent the next hour untangling all the lines that were down and retrieved the rod that went down a hole during the battle. Not sure where the gaff disappeared to in that house. I guess I may have to put my name on them from now on.
Kevin, Nancy and Max spent the night in Utah and we will see how they did today.
Josh brought his family up to fish in there house. When I stopped in Josh told me I was in the house of missed opportunity. As he was telling me about all the fish they had not landed he lost a fish on a rattle wheel. When another fish hit another rattle wheel I jumped into action to show him how it’s done. As I lifted the fish out of the hole the line broke and the fish got away with his lure. I am now convinced it is the house of missed opportunity.
Even though I have not been able to fish where I want it has been an awesome season so far. It’s great to spend some time with new and old customers. Working on the lake is a passion and makes the job a joy. I may cuss once in a while but most of the time it’s at myself for doing something that was avoidable in the first place.