November 2nd 2017

Here at my place I’m making progress for the up and coming ice fishing season. Slow and steady. The fleet keeps getting bigger .We now have the red baron running great “Knock on wood” all though it does need a couple parts. He does not go on the lake right away so were good for now.

Blue thunder went from what I assumed was a little job to remove and replacing the whole front differential, We were able to remove a different one from the original blue thunder 1. Blue thunder 1 was a heavy duty 3/4 ton and even though we thought it was the same one major part was different. The steering arm was shaped just a little different . It took 5 saw blades and a small tank of acetylene to remove it. Then we realized the u-joint was shot so that had to be replaced and the left axle had to come out. He is all put back together now . I also picked up a new set of rear shocks to match the new front ones. Looks like there will be some more torching to remove them, but that’s to be expected when your dealing with a 33 year old truck.
The new edition is another chevy we nick named White lightning aka Cheyanne. He is a she and needs a new radiator . Then once she is on the road we will deal with any other issues that may arrive.
The old dodge prospector is in the woods for now .It may be time to say goodbye but will see.
There may also be a runner vehicle in the future but we will know more later on.
We did have a couple cancelation for this weekend due to the tragedy last week which I completely understand as no ice is completely safe. Buddy Hillmen has been on the ice every day since she locked up and has traveled around quite a bit watching and keeping notes of any thing that may concern him. He has his road staked out to about 3 miles where he does not recommend any one traveling past the pressure ridge that formed. It heads to the north where it turns and heads west north west. I did venture out on the ice yesterday just to check where I would like to start the season and found 12 inches with a little less the further you go west where I never found any ice under 10. I also talk to a few fishermen and they were catching a couple that’s slang for more then two .
Mike and his crew had a few, again slang for over 3.
The other Mike in the cabin with his two buddies did not fair as well and got a honest few 3.
The to do list has been shrinking as we get closer to hauling the houses out of the woods. A little snow would help that progress but good old mother nature will make that decision unless I have to do a snow dance and I sure do not want a lot of snow so it may have to be a modified slow snow dance. Its 25 here this morning so that’s good.
Buddy is allowing wheelers, sleds, side by side off his access and asking not to venture past the pressure ridge at about 3 miles. Please remember to use common sense if your coming up.