December 4th 2017

Well yesterday was a very busy and productive day to say the least. All our guest caught a few fish through out the day and came off the lake just after or before sunset to be on the safer side.. everyone reported 10 to 12 inches of ice. on our end of the lake. Buddy Hillmen was planning on letting single axel wheel house 16 feet and under out with wheelers. There phone number is 218 647 8504.
Its so nice to have close friends. Chris came up and we went for a walk in the woods hoping to spook up a grouse and also look for a flu flu arrow I lost when I missed a grouse this fall. We did see one bird but he was out of range. when we got back Chris was kind enough to help me button up old Minnesota’s project.
The guys in the cabin struggled finding fish, but yesterday stumbled onto the mother load and I was able to visit them and have a couple pieces of fresh fish last night.
Deb and Jim are coming up to give it a shot today while everyone else here will be packing up this morning.
I was hoping to make it to church for advent but saying goodbye too our guest may throw off the timing.
Today I need to spend the time picking up any thing on the ground lying around as snow is predicted starting Monday afternoon.
I would also like to take chris to my honey hole for grouse as it was huge for him to take the time to help me yesterday.
The vexlars are charged and tonight the rods and reels will be prepped for the up and coming ice season.
All the vehicles are starting and will see what this cold does to them. They still have a few small issue but they always do. I’m going to do a no snow, snow dance today and tomorrow but not sure if its going to work. Mother nature is getting ready to show her nasty side with snow and high winds out of the north then nw.
Well its getting lite and I have ton of things to do. I can not empathize enough if your fishing on upper red lake please use common sense , Talk to the resort before you go on the lake. Be safe and have a buddy fishing with you. There’s plenty of good fishing with in the first mile or two. We have all season to work our way out further as the season progresses.