Dec 8th 2017

Wow was I pooped last night. Here I thought buddy hillmen would be dragging the road. I headed down to the lake after the big blow Wednesday morning to find like always 3 to 4 feet of snow in our yard. Mean while Hank next door to us to the north, you could drive a car off there landing? WTf .To funny it must just make the perfect whirlpool. After spending a hour clearing our yard I headed over to hillmens to do the same thing. Buddy hillmen showed up with the drag and headed out while I worked on the landing. After he made two trips out he left and came back with his brown ford straight blade and we finished up the landing. then just like that we were making the super highway,pushing all the snow to the south. Jst as it was getting dark I headed to North country food and fuel to check the fluids and get gas. The right back out for another hour as we buttoned it up. Over a mile of the super highway done. Blue thunder got a work out , other then one wiper broken and one headlight burned out she came threw with flying colors, gotta love that truck.
Yesterday was another busy day as everything on the list for Wednesday now had to be done yesterday plus getting all 6 houses out of the woods and on to the lake to kick off the 2017 2018 season. I had dropped the ball on sunday and forgot too gather all the extension cords out of the woods . Luckily I had pulled them out of all the summer growth so it was just a mater of pulling them out of 4 foot drifts as they were not tangled in the underbrush, still a chore though.
Each house had to be secured, then broken loose before they could be tugged out of there resting places. Again blue thunder preformed flawlessly. Man I love that One by one I towed them out to the fishing grounds, 6 houses in all are now positioned on the north side of hillmens highway with 4 ready to block, bank and auger for todays first crews. Did I say I was pooped? Came in the house last night well after dark worn out. I need a second wind all ready and I have only been on the lake 2 days OH! OH! There was know 3 course meal last night it was a frozen pizza ,hot shower, a couple phone calls” more then 2″ and bed by 930.
Day 3 on the lake begins with gathering any blocks left down at the lake before the next snow fall. 3 propane’s and gathering all the extension cords. Then Its time to prep as 24 holes have to be augered before 2pm. I’ll just plug away and remember what That old timer Dave told me “ITS A GRAND LAKE AND IT OWES ME NOTHING NOTHING!