Dec 11th 2017

Wow day 6 coming up of having the potential of being on the lake for a 102 days in a row. “ZOIKS”
I thought it was interesting to see I have been blogging for over 14 years on some fishing sights.
here goes it was a great start to the 2017 2018 season. Getting things prepped on Friday was a grind to say the least. I think I got on the lake at 9 am and when Ashly our granddaughter and Devon her guy plus our great grandson Bently, 9 months old this past weekend, It was 11pm.
It has become official as Saturday bently set on his dads lap holding a fishing rod and jigging. 7 generations have wet a line on such a grand lake. I find that amazing. Grandpa Norman homesteaded here, They had Grama Olga who was raised on the Tamarac river with her brothers and sisters jalmer drowned up by moose bank. My dad and his brother and sister ran the streets of waskish, I fished the lake when I was 6, Our kids came up her since they were babies. Our daughter kids same thing. Matty being born up here, well bemidji now Liam and bently coming here. I guess it paid off and the kids were the last ones to check in and did the best of all 4 houses. We could not figure out if they could have a limit for bently so they went home with 8.
Jamie and Dustin were in montana, the closest house to shore. They only landed 5 walleyes and two smaller pike, plus all the swings and a miss. The ice was a 17 inches where the house is. They stop flooding around 19 so that will be sweet. You can get away with out blocking them after 20 inches but you need to keep a good eye on them as if you get some big drift s from snow they will freeze in.
Jeff and Beth were in florida for one night, There friends with my friend Jeff aka boar and his wife Lorie they were in north Dakota for the weekend. They hung out in florida tell late into the evening/morning and only caught a couple fish. Boar said I had his house in 5 feet of water? I showed him it was 7’11” They did real good Saturday night in North Dakota. I’m not even sure how many they caught other then the rattle wheels kept them entertained and they took home 8 fish.
Saturday I would be fishing with Scott who lives in florida in our florida fish house. He was in mpls for work. He was opening up a new dunken dounuts. If I would of know I would of had him bring be a bakers dozen.
He had never ice fished, we got two rattle wheels set up and a vexlar, where we fished and visited from sunset tell about 8pm with a very slow bite . Scott did get to catch two keepers walleyes. So he was pleased that it was a catching trip and not a fishing trip. He spent the night on the lake. I came home and fried up his catch then brought him some fresh walleye as he had never tasted them.
Yesterday I headed out to move florida as that area has now been burned out. There were 5 pop ups just a little west of north Dakota. I talk to them briefly and they said it was slow but they were in the same spot Saturday and sunday ?
I timed it from when I stepped out the door and raised the step. It took me 40 minutes to dig out and move the house. So feasibly I could move 4 houses in 4 hours if everything clicks.
Buddy Hillmen’s highway is performing just like it was designed. We had a squall of snow Friday afternoon and it was minimum plowing even though we got a inch of snow coming down sideways with 30 miles a hour NW winds most of the evening.
Scott, Bob and Pete? were in the cabin and they almost lost the portable out there when that weather picked up. They did well Saturday and went right back to where they fished the first night.
We have one house rented tomorrow so at this time I have plenty of time to get re positioned for the next weekend.
We did get another inch of snow last night so there some snow to plow this morning. 3 miles I think of super highway. Buddy Hillmens still has plenty of opening for the 2017 2018 fish season 218 647 8504. There plans sounds like the double decker will go out after xmas