Dec 12th 2017

brrrr making more ice -1 here in waskish this morning.
Today will be day 6 working on the lake, Yesterday was the second day spent plowing most of the day which is never in the plans, Mother nature always rules here and always will. What I thought was 1 inch of snow was closer to 3 and with the winds again howling out of the nw it was pretty much impossible to maintain the ice road. The first mile was in good shape when I came off the lake last night but there all most 2 more miles that will need to be cleared.
We pushed a lot of snow to the south that first mile so I expect that berm to collapse and sink soon? After that do not try and cross it ,I have way to much to do this winter to pull trucks out .
Now there talking some high winds tomorrow after a front comes threw so if your going on the lake hold on to your hats.
Not much for a fishing report today snowbear Johse’s customers were getting a couple I guess. I have a crew coming in today so I have some prep work to knock out right away before blue thunder gets another full day workout. Devon and Ashly our granddaughter installed I lite bar they gave me before they left and did that come in handy as blue thunder lost its other head lite yesterday. Thanks Devon and Ashly.
Right now the plans are to plug away and get all the houses moved and reset by Thursday so I can auger all the holes Friday morning so we will see how that pans out.
I’ll know more today of what Buddy Hillmen’s plans on letting on the lake, but it sounds like Rodgers will be letting 1/2 tons out by this weekend. I usually start at 9 but today its 7am instead