dec. 14th 2017

Mother nature is all ready taking its toll on my equipment, Plowing, plowing, plowing. 2 plow lites,3 wiper blades, small radiator leak that I need to keep a eye on, 3 bolts on plow that need to be replaced asap. I will have to limp blue thunder for a couple days un tell they can be addressed. I was able to tighten two of the 4 bolts but I Imagine they will come loose rather quickly. Blue thunder is my work horse , I like banking my house’s, un banking them with out blue thunder is quite the chore.
Buddy Hillmen’s road is now in great shape. The berm did collapse as I anticipated so if you decide to cross it good luck. I saw where two vehicle’s have all ready been pulled out.
I can not say what Hillmen’s are allowing out at this time so you would need to call the store. 218 647 8504.
Yesterday more time was spent cleaning up the main road which goes out around 3 miles. Buddy Hillmen had about twenty stakes across the road shaped as x’s. You would think that means do not go further? There were at least 5 houses beyond that area so Buddy just shook his head.
Snowbead Josh says he has been doing really well with his guiding operation.
My guys in florida. Rob and Dave only managed 3 keepers. They went in for dinner at prime time, dusk, the bewitching hour Tuesday night. Wednesday they awoke with all there lines tangled. I guess they did not hear the rattle wheels, Boar had said Saturday night at midnight he caught 6 fish, then had another run around 4 30 am.
Between plowing yesterday I was able to dig out and move montana and North Dakota. Old Minnesota will be moved today . Florida will need to be cleaned and vacuumed. Vacuuming the houses never get old. I just get a kick that I’m vacuuming a fish house. Then florida will also need to be moved again before the weekend. I have no idea if I can keep up this pace. I need mother nature to settle down a bit that’s for sure.
Jake and his crew arrived last night late in the cabin so I’m not sure where there going to fish.
Most of my phone calls as of late have been about ice conditions, Buddy hillmens road is in great shape, any where to the north seems to be pretty safe as we never had all the open water. My houses are sitting on 18 inches of ice and last I heard a mile or two out was pushing 14.
Be safe ,use common sense, keep the speed down on the ice road, and stay away from the berm to the south. The lake does have some snow with bare spots here and there. Watch for old spots where houses have been, that’s where there’s going to be lots of snow from the drifting. Have a grand time on a grand lake. As Dave the old timer told me when I took him fishing years ago. “ITS A GRAND LAKE AND IT OWES ME NOTHING! NOTHING!