Day 35 January 20, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days. It started off plowing out 8 miles just in case the road was drifted in a bit. Nancy, Kevin and Max were packing up and had 8 keepers. They fished from 4 pm tell 9am and managed 14 eyes and one small pike.
Heading back in I met Phil to plow him a spot and overworked the red Baron as I overheated the tranny?
After letting it cool down and talking to the tranny guy that rebuilt it I took it easy back to Idaho to meet Tonyboy and investigate a little further. Everything seemed ok as I checked on Brian and his crew and Tony checked on Dallas and Dave.
Dallas and Dave were managing about one fish an hour and were fine. Brian and the boys had a little slower fishing. They did manage to catch a 31 inch pike that had one of Jordon’s lures from the day before.
I then started to make a new area for houses when I again over heated the tranny on the red baron. Darn the luck if it’s not Mother Nature kicking you a$$ its mechanical failure.
I then got a call from Kellie the wife. Her car was dead. Now the winds picked up and just like that I’m dealing with two major problems? Now let’s throw in some snow flurries and a little extra wind gusts to make the day. After getting her car up and running it was time to install a tranny cooler in the red baron. Installation time said 1/2 hour and I spent twice that time reading and rereading the instructions. After smashing out the grill “who needs a grill” and removing the electric fan Tonyboy and I were able to install the tranny cooler and put here all back together minus one grill. The last hour was spent working in the dark all though the wind did die down as the temps dropped. Installation time just under 3 hours. They need to reprint there instructions. Oh well its water under the bridge and we will try and get back on track today.