feb 20th 2018

Another crazy busy weekend is in the books. I really enjoy giving out my fishing/what’s happening on the lake reports but finding the time has been tough. To say its a grind is a understatement.
I can tell you again as the season winds down I’m never ready for it to end, as I truly love being out there in my trucks, moving houses, plowing the hillmen highway, giving advise, helping other fishermen when they do something silly, Driving into a snow bank, dropping there gun down a hole or any other important object like there keys. Every year all the workers seem to get a little grumpy as fighting mother nature, going from sun up to sunset takes a toll physically and mentally. It also seems I ruffle a few feathers every year and its never my intent so I have to chalk it up as a long season. If I stepped on anyone’s toes it sure was not planned or intended as all most every day plan a turns to plan b and c. Mother nature dictates where I go sometimes as well as any plowed roads that can make our job easier. The cookie shuffle worked very well this year as I tell everyone that gets lost in my maze of trails. I’m not a road engineer.
Man did we get overwhelmed with wheel house’s this past weekend, any fish coming from southwest had to go threw a gauntlet of hooks to find my fishermen.
I had two wheel house’s that I set up at the end of the hillmens highway and was surprised how bad they did. I guess I should of went south not east? The nw road has gotten to much to maintain, there’s one lone house out that way that will need a new trail made .
Its all started Thursday as jonnny boy and I prepped for the weekend with Joe, Zack, Adam and his crew arriving fro florida. Zacks birthday wish was fishing red lake, they had a blast. They went to westwind where they enjoyed a fish fry, plus they took home a few fish with a couple even getting a ride in florida fish house as we moved a small distance to put it on fresh ice for there last night sunday. Last year when they came we landed on the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie mother load? I think they had dreams for a year of repeating that. Every year is different and again this year was no exception.
Ben who proposed in old Minnesota to Shawna 8 years ago were in old Minnesota with there two adorable kids. Louie the fishing machine and his little sister Willa plus there friend Nelli.
They had a blast also with Shawna getting a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie to boot. They also managed to take home a nice batch of upper red lake walleyes.
Hunter and his two buddies were in north Dakota. It was slow but they also managed to take home a batch of fish.
Charlie and Rizzo were in montana , They were very serious about there fishing and went home with there 8.
Jeromy and his gal were in north Carolina Saturday, sunday . They also managed to get there 8.
Sunday was a very tough day as we had all 5 houses re rented. I was planning on moving all of them so we battled mother nature the whole time as a ne wind with 2 inches of snow made it impossible to see. At one point I was getting sea sick as I struggled to see, With the sky, horizon and the lake all the same color. wow what a struggle.
It took us 7 1/2 hours but we got every thing cleaned, moved.
Mother nature has given us another bout of snow so tomorrow I will let every one know how the houses did the last two days as its time to check the fluids and fire up the fleet

feb 16th 2018

Well its always a treat to check on customers and see at least a couple fish in the bucket. I stopped in just before dark to check on Nikki Paul and the kids . They had 3 nice fish with Nikki having the big one so far. Paul was still not on the board but the two boys each caught one.
Joe and his crew only had one but there friends in the wheel house had 3 and 1.
I personally have caught more fish in the last 10 days then I did all season? In fact I put the hammer on the hammer. The only reason I have done so well as it slowed down enough the last 2 weeks I had time to enjoy old Minnesota and fish. I even snuck in two very quick naps, 20 minutes both times. I also do not like the houses fished prior to new customers arrival but have broken that rule twice now. It payed off for me but not so well for nancy and kevin as the third night is hardly ever as good as the first. I was handcuffed a few times because of mother nature and or truck problems. I had a couple houses fished the 4th and 5th night with a little better result.
Today will start off a little busy as I say good bye to nikke and her family we have to get montana moved and reset plus augur 14 holes . I also have to bank Tony”s house the old California. Jonny boy has been fishing just north of it with pretty good action off and on. This may be my next move sunday depending how the weekend pans out.
The hot set up for me this year has been the plain glow pink hook, small northland forage minnow orange and yellow. My genze worms has been a bust but I think its a copy and not the real thing. I also had that crazy looking banana shaped lure that was pink that was on fire. 90 percent of the fish I have caught have been on the rattle wheels as the hammer uses the vex lar more then me.
With only 10 days left in the game fish season I need two big fish for the contest I enter every year on mno fishing forum. Will see how it pans out as I should be able to wet a line off and on starting sunday. Well its getting lite out and there’s plenty to do so every one have a great day as Jonny boy and I have a grand day on a grand lake that owes us nothing nothing

Feb 15th 2018

wow where did the week go? Marty and Shelly rolled in sunday for a few nights in montana Marty’s favorite house. We also had Joihn Joe and Roman rolling in for north Dakota. With again the winds barreling down on us sunday. I had no choice but to leave north dakoata where it was as well as montana. The good thing was both houses had caught fish so it would be interesting to see how they would do.
John and Joe were treating there dad to a fishing trip for is 80th birthday. Roman has owned a bee keeping operation for 52 years and gave me a quart of fresh honey “Schelonka’s Honey ” I sure enjoyed visiting with them. They sure enjoyed the house which is always a treat. The hammer was going to make him a cake but was a little under the weather so it fell through. They did end up taking home 9 fish and said they missed just as many.
Marty and Shelly also rolled in sunday. They only managed 4 fish. Monday morning after getting Marty’s diesel running he helped me get the v-plow back on the red baron. They were headed to low the woods for the day, they would be back later in the evening.
Jonny boy and I were able to cut a new trail and get all the houses out of the area as the snow has piled up quite a bit on the nw road and was becoming to big of a chore to maintain the rest of the ice season. I also planned on wetting a line in old Minnesota off and on all week,
Of course mother nature had to have her say again so we have been plowing off and on the main road. The winds were just howling out of the south west that most of the snow was blowing right across hillmen’s highway just like its designed to do. Buddy’s road is in great shape as of today.
Glen also showed up with his wheel house and had fantastic fishing. He told me the secret was a green hook just off the bottom on a dead stick was deadly and lost count of how many nice fish he caught. The hot lure in old Minnesota for me has been a small orange northland forage minnow 6 inches of the bottom. I have landed at least 8 fish plus the ones I lost.
The hammer ,me and Jonny boy had fresh fish out there last night for dinner. I again out fished the hammer but she still loves me I think.
Tim and Kim also showed up Tuesday eve with there wheel house. Last I heard they have caught at least a dozen fish.
We also said good by to marty and shell yesterday as they headed back to lotw. The new spot did a little better as they left with there 8.
Starting today we have another busy 4 days. Sunday every thing needs to be moved as we have Shell chick coming up as well as harmonica Mike on sunday

feb 12th 2018

Mother nature has just been relentless this year. The winds seems like they never stop. Drifting in trails left and right, up and down, side to side. With the red baron still in the shop poor blue thunder was again getting a workout as I must of plowed up and down the northwest trail 20 times Friday. As I checked in each group I was also trying to get the winds to carry some of the snow away from the ever increasing size of the snow banks. If to much snow piles up she could crack and flood. After getting our last guest checked in Friday. The hammers sister Nancy and her hubby Kevin I headed home to get the sweetie as we would be joining them for a little fishing and fun. It was a treat to visit with them as its been a couple years since Kevin had been up. Last time Kevin was here he was going to be my scout every year at the beginning of the season once I had my houses on the lake.
Saturday evening they took us to dinner at westwind for prime rib. One of my favorites and again westwind did a great job as its was very tasty. They were in old Minnesota and had the worst of the fishing only landing two elusive yet still catchable walleyes and one crazy sheephead. They did miss a few and the hammer lost one at the hole Friday night .
Coming off the lake Friday eve I stopped to pick up a bolt and washer? Turns out I found out Saturday where it came from. making the rounds Saturday morning North Dakota had 3 walleyes and a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Jamie and his two buddies went home with at least 10 walleyes 1 crappie and a couple perch.
Eric, Beth and there two boys Izeck and bay were in montana. They got 5 the first day and at least 5 more before they pulled out sunday morning. Another nice family that I hope comes back year after year.
Craig and Spenser were in florida . They were up to 9 but had eaten a couple for breakfast. They were also here for a third night but the winds yesterday kept me from even offering to move them.
Sparky and Trent were in North Carolina for 1 night and got 3.
I also had 4 wheel houses out and about Marlo and Randy got 5 at 4 pm Friday and then 1 all day Saturday with a bonus ell pout. Butch did a little better and did well using a rattling flyer with the dead stick never getting a bite. lee and hid buddie got set up in a spot I have my eye on and had 5 in the bucket yesterday when I stopped to drop off a cookies on upper red lake hoodie.
Ryan and his buddies did well out of westwind Thursday as well as Bo and his group landing 50 on Friday. Tom and his grandsons got 2 at the end of the road.
As I was clearing the nw road Saturday I noticed the plow frame move just a hair. Just like that I new where that bolt came from and limped blue thunder home where I spent 3 hours crawling in and out from under neith as I re aligned every thing and tracked down new bolts that red lake had taken away from me. I had been keeping a eye on all the bolts as she has taken a beating since the red baron went down.
the red baron is now home after we went and picked her up yesterday morning. The v-plow will go back on as we push to the end of the game fish season and also prep for our group that comes every year to search for the mother load of upper red lakes elusive yet still catchable crappies.

feb 9th 2018

I think its day 67 of heading out on to the lake. After a nice break of not having anything rented all week its back to full tilt as we push to the end of another great game fish season here on the shores of upper red lake. Just like every other year there’s been ups and downs big fish ,little fish, lost fish and no fish at all. For some crazy reason more then a few sheephead have been caught this winter? Were up to 10 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies . I know of one that was released to fight another day the other 9 were harvested.
Marlo tangled in to that big pike twice a couple weeks ago so I put montana and old Minnesota in the area hoping to land him. I’m assuming Kevin’s 42 incher was the girl. Andy and Andy had the 40 fish weekend as well as Andy’s brother and dad. The hammer has not had the best year but again is ahead of me on fish landed. All though I did wet a line a couple times this week and landed 3 . The plain pink hook with the split shot on the rattle wheel has been the hot set up? Wayne had the hot set up with the hammered gold gemini and then the next time up could not buy a bite on that set up.
A few rentals have came closer to shore again this year and that seems to be a pattern every year. Then more traffic and that bite tapers back off?
Buddy Hillmens Highway is again in great shape after spending two more full days plowing with 3 straight blades, 4 different trucks and only 1 v plow. His big 14 by 28 double decker has made some lasting memories and uses a lot of propane as its 3 times the square footage of any of his other houses.
With nothing rented all week my plan was to turn off the heat in 4 of the 5 houses but just like every other year I could not do it. Jonny boy has done a good job cleaning , he has also had lots of compliments with his customer service which is huge as I strive for repeat customers. It make our job that much easier.
When were on the same page moving houses is not a chore. I have not moved many houses with customers here this year as the fishing has been good enough. I also still get a kick out of vacuuming the fish houses. The new carpet sure looks nice all vacuumed up.
I hate to bring up the fleet Knock on wood. Blue thunder, the red baron and white lighting have all done there duty . Burning up another transmission stunk but was completely my fault. I sure hope I learned my lesson on that one.
I guess I have to throw in a little rant and I hope I do not offend any one. I have no problem plowing a spot for a wheel house but its all most a insult when they offer me a 20 dollar bill. I spend 3 to 4 grand just on keeping my fleet working. At 20 a pop you do the math. That’s not even counting gas or fluids.
Sorry not much of a fishing report as it was quite this week. Jonny boy caught quite a few fish but he was out on the lake 5 of 6 nights. He sure has a passion when it come to catching fish.

feb 6th 2018

Well we survived another weekend and another wind storm on sunday. I have no clue where these weather men get there info but yesterday was not lite and variable winds by any means.
Due to the red baron being down we had to improvise where the houses would be set up. The new road I made to rescue the houses would be the easiest place to set up 3 of the 5.
Leroy and his boys and grandsons showed up right on time friday and we got them all settled in north Dakota and Florida. it was nice seeing them all they have been coming for years. Two of the boys come all the way down from Alaska just to spend time fishing with there dad.
I was able to visit with Leroy when the crew went to town . He has had a very interesting life that’s for sure.
Of course the fishing could of been better for them but they did have 7 or 8 laying in front of north Dakota sunday morning, Not sure how the grand kids did in florida as every time I stopped they were gone. They went to westwind for there prime rib dinner Saturday eve and had also gone to breakfast Saturday morning.
Kevin and Rollie rolled in right on schedule also . I had to switch them to montana due to mother nature and we kind da figured this was there 8th year. The high lite for the weekend was a 42 inch pike that Kevin landed. After they released him we think it camped under the house as they never caught another fish Saturday eve. They only went home with 6 walleyes but said they will be back again next year .
Wayne would be the late comer and arrived about 5 pm. As I escorted him out on the lake I felt blue thunders steering was not feeling right. She had just went through two days of hell. I kept thinking on my way out its just my imagination as I steered back and forth like I was warming up my tires for a nascar race. Once I got wayne out to the house we took the flash lite and blue thunder would be spending the night on the lake as the front differential u bolts were loose.
Saturday morning after I made the rounds. Jonny boy met me at old Minnesota where we discovered the u bolts were toast and I would have to make a trip to Bemidji for new bolts.
Arriving back at old Minnesota after dark Jonny boy was hanging out with Wayne and his friend jake. We got at it right away with flash lite’s in hand, With temps below zero and a cool breeze. It was sure good to have Jonny boy there as there’s was no way I have the arm strength to tighten them bolts. After we got the wheel back on and checked things out I headed home to test drive and park her tell morning so we could check things out one more time in the lite.
Wayne and Jake only ended up with 5 fish but Wayne said they should of had at least 10 as he had lost 5 himself.
Mr weather man nailed the winds for sunday. Before noon sw winds were blowing well over 20mph making another mess of things. As I escorted Wayne off the lake with his car I gathered the generators, and secured things as I had no plans to go back on the lake.
Mean while Jonny boy was able to replace the left front drive axle on white lightning so we would have a second truck with 4 wheel drive.
Yesterday a little cleaning, a full day of plowing, Once again Hillmens highway is in great shape. There’s still more plowing to be done but that can be done as we go on and off the lake the next couple days.
I’m still chasing that nap in old Minnesota. With all the house open in tell the weekend I’m hoping to catch a second wind as its been a grind. No word on the red baron other then the casing was cracked and they were looking for a core to rebuild. That bill is going to hurt but I have accepted long ago that its part of the business as they take a beating out there. Once the red baron is back home we will be starting to prep to again chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Wish us luck as a little luck never hurt any one

feb 2nd 2018

Lets just start by saying crazy, crazy, crazy. Mother nature dealt us a big blow, Tuesday Wednesday. With 4 houses rented Monday its been a hectic week.
Ken , Bob and Berry were in Florida one last night. Bob owns a small café in Remer so next time we go through Remer the plan will be to stop and eat. They sure were a mello group of guys. Plus very nice guys to boot. I have no clue how many fish they caught in there 3 nights but they lost quite a few and said next year they do not want the 4 extra holes as there fish kept going down the other holes when they got off.
Ethen and Greg from Iowa struggled to catch fish, they were young guys that work in the conservation department in Iowa. Super nice kids. They were also here for 3 days mon, tues, wed, mother nature reared her ugly side and they never really got to hole hop in there portable.
Jim, Sten and Dusty spent Monday night in old Minnesota and went home with 7 plus a few misses.
Matt checked in Tuesday for 2 nights in montane and figured he caught 15 to 20 plus misses.
Larry and Perry fished montana Monday night and only landed a couple.
Tuesday morning I was out on the lake getting Ken and his crew off as well as Jim and his crew plus Larry and Perry as the big winds and snow were on the door step. Then I would be checking in Matt as well as greg and ethan . We got everyone off as the winds and snow started to blow. Getting the guys all checked in it was like here’s the scoop’ hunker down , do not leave the shack and call if there’s a problem. The crazy weather person actually got it right, must of looked out a window.
Jonny boy would be taking care of Snowbear Joshes customers and hunker down in one of his ice castles. Lets just say man did it blow, first snow with high winds out of the south east followed by dropping temps and stronger winds out of the nw. From all these years I new any side roads would be completely lost. Kelly Birch of Hillmen’s drug the main road in the worst of it for 5 hours to save it . Going out on the lake Wednesday morning and hillmens highway was in great shape as the combination of dragging with the winds switching kept it pretty darn clean.
Heading out with the red baron there was a gentlemen stranded that needed help as well as Jonny boy. Taking care of him was no problem as he was impressed with the red baron. I guess he should of seen it 20 minutes later as I blew out reverse and now I was stranded. Marty was up for the morning and came to the rescue as we towed her home and set up a appointment for another rebuild. ASAP.
From the moment I fired up blue thunder I all ready new she was going to get one hell of a work out! Arriving to my half mile road and she was gone just as expected, cross country travel would not be a issue as the wind blew so hard it has turned the snow into brick, 4 foot drifts around everything, 20 feet long and you can walk from one end to the other with out breaking through. Of course this is where the red baron shines? as it parts the snow like the red sea.
Jonny boy and I humped all day. I hit the lake before lite and came off after dark. A new road had to be made with blue thunder just to get the house’s out of the area I truly had ruined with mother natures help!
Plowing any wheel houses this weekend is not on the to do list so every one is on there owns. It is not worth my time or where and tare on blue thunder. Blue thunder is all we have un tell red baron comes back home. My advice is watch where your going off road, the snow pack is rock hard unless you drive over a 4 foot drift, bring a spade shovel and please leave the plastic snow shovel at home or at least when you break it take it home with you.
I have a little venting but today I’m just going to bite my lip and hit her hard, “have a grand day” as I know I will be having a grand weekend, On a grand lake that owes us nothing! nothing!

jan 29th 2018

Wishful thinking I guess as I’m back to first and second gear on the red baron. If I manual shift she will catch drive on occasion though. You just have to love a chevy though. Take a licking and keeps on ticking. I’am a little curious why you can catch drive sometimes so going to give my tranny guy a call.
It was quite the busy but fun, fun, fun weekend. Scott Wakefield from Red lake adventures has a big walleye challenge every year. Its a 24 hour fishing contest ,with a heck of a prize I enter thinking I would have some time to fish? Plan A turned to plan B and lets just say plan B did not get me the winning fish. In fact it did not even get me a fish . Oh well being a gluten for punishment I will attempt to win the whole shebang next year. With checking in on all 5 of our five houses plus swinging in to 7 wheel houses that I either plowed or picked a spot for as I made the rounds Friday, Saturday during the contest I ask or claimed a hole in every house I visited . I even fished with snowbear Josh in the snowbear for a couple hours Friday night. I never got a bite and never seen a fish on any one’s electronics? Talk about a cold hand. Still gave it the collage try.
Thursday night we had to late check ins. Jaron and his crew would be arriving after 10 pm with Garret and his crew also coming after 9 pm. Garret and his crew were nice enough to swing by and pick up our cookies on upper red lake hoodies. The 2 boxes were so big the only way to bring them up were to load them in the truck out of the boxes in the cab on there laps and where ever else they could pack them. Talk about hand delivery. They fished in florida and had limited success. I think they only took home 10 fish, all though there were some misses in there.
Jaron and his crew also arrived Thursday with 2 of the guys a hour or two behind. Jaron was convinced he could go meet them when they arrived. I saw that coming and somewhere around midnight I got the phone call, were lost on the lake. Trying to get them on the right road over the phone was a challenge. Once I got then close Jonny boy was out on the lake so he was able to track them down and get them back to north Dakota shack. At some point Friday night Jonny boy again had to go find a couple of there buddies that had showed up in a wheel house after dark. With all these crazy lites on wheel houses it realey gets a little more confusing out there that’s for sure.
Jaron and his crew ended up with 11 or 12 keepers? Plus there buddie Chris with quite a few misses and never landing a fish. He might want to take up another sport?
Rick arrived with his crew for old Minnesota Friday morning. This was Ricks second of 3 trips planned this year. By no means did they have any epic fishing. They did land a few but over all it was on the slow side for sure. Taking home maybe 12. Rick comes all the way from Illinois. and sure has been a great customer over the years, even bringing the hammer and I a couple lobster tails and steaks as he must know I get tired of eating walleye all the time. I sure expected better fishing in that spot as blue thunder had to work extra hard to get the house in that spot .
Lucas and his crew were also late arrivals for montana Friday night. It was well after 10 pm when I got them settled in. They did about as well as the other house’s with Tyse landing a elusive yet still catchable 13 1/2 inch upper red lake crappie. Then to boot they released it to fight another day or as I say educate all the others. They also managed to take home 12 fish.
We also checked in Ken and his 2 buddies Bob and Berry into florida Saturday on a new spot there happy where there at and said they will be just fine fishing right there again today.
Now all the wheel house. Marlo and Butch with there 2 wheel house ended up on the hot bite with Butch’s buddie also landing a elusive yet still catchable 14 inch upper red lake crappie while I was there. That one did go in the bucket though. Marlo also battled a big pike twice with the second time the fish holding on to a 16 inch walleye for over ten minutes before letting go at he bottom of the ice. Another life time memory was made as Butch was in the shack when the battle began and ended. Marlo also caught close to 30 walleye on the spot. With Butch right behind him .
Not sure how Preston did after they moved? He set up where they did so well last time up but ended up moving the second day. closer to marlo’s spot?
Lee and his cousin also did will where I plowed them a spot. Nick left his shack so we know he did well.
Ken did not do so well and moved after the first day , the second spot he moved to only produced 5 more fish. I was so surprised as I thought for sure that plowed area was going to be real good.
Jonny boy also had a wheel house friend that tried a spot . They only got one so they moved to another spot where there buddies had done real well only to get skunked.
I also had plowed spot for a gentlemen, I think his name was duey? He only had a couple the first night but he never moved so I’m thinking it got better for him.
Hillmens had the crappie floppers playing some music in tall tale tavern Saturday night . They get together every year. I have been dying to play my harmonica so I was able to jam on one song with them and man was that fun. Even got a couple pats on the back.
The hammer, Jonny boy and I also went out to the icog festivities on the ice out of Rodgers . We met Lonnie and his wife lisa at the tent then went and visited in there dream shack for a bit.
Yesterday was cleaning and moving day as we moved old minnesota and montana over where marlo was. The hammer and I fished there last night from 6 to 9 and never got a nibble all though I did manage to get that cat nap I have been chasing,
Time to get to work as Jim, Sten and Dustin are on there way up for old Minnesota. Plus Greg from Iowa is also coming early.

jan 25th 2018

Getting a nap in old Minnesota was again a bust, I got out on the lake before light Tuesday morning as I wanted to capture one of upper red lakes grand sunrises. I was not disappointed as I set at the end of Hillmens Highway listening to some music watching another gorgeous sunrise.
Paul, Dex, Derrick and Chad were also up early as they came to shore to clean there bounty. they had pretty good fishing to my standards and said they had a good time. They ate a few and cleaned up 16.
Rita and Les checked in Monday right on time. After getting them dialed in a was off to old Minnesota for that long awaited nap. I settled in around 3 and dropped down 2 rattle reels put in a movie and climbed up on the top bunk where its always a little warmer. Just as I drifted off the rattle wheel went ding, ding, ding. I hustled off the bed where I landed a nice 16 1/2 fish. Resetting the line I again climbed back up on the bed ,not 5 minutes later the ding, ding, ding of the phone went off. After a few minutes I was back on the top bunk and ding, ding,ding. 4 o’clock and another fish was about to be caught. Number two another brother to the first one. One more time I re baited , 2 more phone calls one more fish a very healthy 18 incher and my nap time was over.
So here’s the new nap plan, turn off phone. After I move the Old minnesota today, do not augur the holes, then I will not be tempted to wet a line. I have Garret arriving after 9 pm tonight with our new hoodies in tow so it will be perfect timing to get in that nap as I start to get real tired around 9 pm every night.
Les and Rita headed home yesterday ,they also ate a few fish ,not sure how many they took home as I never asked when I was visiting and saying good bye. Rita did bring some cupcakes German chocolate man were the tasty.
Jonny boy has been doing a little scouting as the area I’m ruining is bound to burn out at some point. Lets hope doing the cookie shuffle keeps working.
I also was able to help Buddy Hillmen on the hillmen’s highway monday. The road extends around 7 miles straight west where it ends at a pressure ridge. we cleaned up the north edge and pushed all the snow to the south plus a round 5 miles a huge area of broken ice was crushed, smashed and moved with a skit steer to the south.
After Jonny boy and I got montana, north Dakota, and florida moved yesterday I came in to take the red baron out and make a few new trails. To my great surprise coming in after giving her a good work out I had drive? I never put her back in low but I sure hope it cleared it self up as a 4th rebuild was not planned in the budget.
Snowbear Josh headed home for a day and half so I’m going to keep a eye on his customers. He sure has been busy with guiding out of that snowbear and maybe next week I can get that ride. hey we may even wet a line in a area I have been trying to get back to for many years?
Its time to check the fluids and fire up the fleet.
One last thing, prayers are need for my sister in Colorado leah as there has been back to back tragedy in her life.

jan 22nd 2018

What the heck is going on. The fishing sure has been good .
With more then a few fish caught this past weekend. Andy, Andy, Aron and Brad did real well and were happy where I set the houses.
Heading out to catch the sunrise was a bust as the fog was so thick it was hard just to stay on the road. When I arrived every one was packing up for the long drive home. Chad, Jessica, Matt and Andy had there best fishing the first night but plan on coming back next year.
Randy and Tammy also went home with there 8 but have had better fishing. I thought it was great but felt bad that we had fished in old Minnesota the night before.
Brad and Cindy did real well there one night in North carolina . They figured they caught at least 15. They did make a mistake on how many they could keep but we were able to give there fish to a couple other guys that had got skunked.
Jonny boy and I got north Dakota and montana moved yesterday. Paul, Dex, Derrick showed up right on time for north dakota . They had 7 last night when I checked in on them.
Les and his wife arrive today for montana. Its her birthday so I ask Les if he would bring her a German chocolate cake? My favorite.
The plan is to move old Minnesota and florida today and then I’m taking the day off and getting that nap I chase after every year on the top bunk of old minnesota
I talked to my tranny guy and will be running the red baron in low and 2nd gear for now as the damage is all ready done. I totally understand how hard my trucks work and its always part of the business but it still bums me out.
I did get to take white Lightning out on the ice Saturday for a bit and that was a treat. Comfortable seat ,good heat and a radio that picks up the radio station the whole time. She has a couple issue that we will address later in the year.
The hammers trail blazer needs a tune up so that’s on the honey do list.