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Address: 54937 Hwy 72 NE Waskish, MN 56685
Home Phone: 218-647-8391
Cell Phone: 218-556-6197

About Us

At Cookie’s on Upper Red Lake you can experience fishing the way it was meant to be; in the quiet, relaxing setting of the far North. We offer a comfortable house for rent year round, a cabin from spring to end of deer season, and some of the most full-featured ice houses on Red Lake.

Cookie has lived in Waskish since 2002, but has fished Upper Red Lake since he was a young boy. His great grandfather, Norman, came from Sweden with his family in 1908 and settled on the shores of the Tamarack River in present-day Waskish.

Born on that same settlement in 1909 was Cookie’s grandmother, Olga. She lived in Waskish for most of her life and was renowned for her hospitality, something Cookie has taken to heart in his life. Lake Norman, a small lake to the south of Upper Red Lake, which offers great duck hunting in the fall, is named after my great grandparents.

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