Little did you realize that when Grandpa and Grandma say they’re heading to Florida for the winter they’re actually coming here for some great ice fishing! Large picture windows help you experience a little schadenfreude watching others slip around outside while you kick back in your little mansion on ice.

Florida has a bunk with 2 double-sized beds and an indoor biffy. There are 2 rattle reels to fish while you dream, and 8 holes to sink your fishing lines.

Beat the retirees* to the punch and book Florida for your next ice fishing trip.

*Retirees are also welcome to beat everyone else to the punch!


  • TV
  • Stove with oven and broiler
  • Vented heater
  • Electricity
  • Sink
  • Pots and pans
  • Dishes and silverware

$250 per night Thursday through Saturday
20% off per night Sunday through Wednesday
Contact us for availability.