the fishing is still pretty good

Wow I sure drop the ball when it comes to fishing reports on here.
The new slot limit took effect on the 15th of June and man was the access busy monday the 15th. the weather had a huge effect as I have no idea where all the boats come from for the day but it looked like opener out there and the fishing was a little to good.
The fishing has now slowed a bit but were still finding some fish and its nice to be able to keep a couple over 17 inches. One fish over 18 would easly feed the wife and I.
i took Greg,niel nad Mark fishing yesterday and we had a pretty good day. They ended up keeping 8 fish inbetween 15 to 18 1/2 inches. the sheephead were also biting which kept us busy as well as Neil landing a beautiful 32 inch pike. the guys in the cabin did real well and got plenty of fish for a fish fry. Last friday I took Don out in the morning and we got 3 for him to take home all inbetween 18 and 19 inches.

Rob and his crew headed home yesterday. they did manage to find two more of the elusive upper red lake crappie and a few keeper walleyes. They hope to make it back in August and camp on the river lot.
starting next monday the slot goes up to any fish under 20 inches. Not sure what to expect as I have not had any calls for lodging.I expect we will see a lot of day trippers that just drive up for the day.
I’m not sure how to get the wife to go fishing with me. She a fair weather fishermen and the temps will not cooperate.
I guess I will have to fish by myself untill we get some nicer weather

Allmost a month into the season and the walleye bite has been study. The tamarac river had slowed down quite a bit but has picked up a bit. Most have been to big to keep. i caught a very fat chunky 19 incher yesterday off the dock which was nice to see. All of our guest have had pretty good successs so far this season. We are starting to see more of the smaller walleyes biting on the break line and less of the bigger fish which tells me the bigger fish may be heading out to a little deeper water. Ive taken a few fishermen fishing so far this season and we have not been skunked so thats good.
The wife and I hope to get out and do a little fishing ourselfs. I have a couple of areas I want to check out and she likes to bobber fish so we will give that a try. I have not had much luck finding and numbers of crappies this season although I did here a a couple of boats they may have hit the mother load. Frank,Ryan and Rodger had some real good fishing last night between 7 and 9 and were way impressed They were only here for one night and are out fishing now before they head home. Rob and his crew are here one more night and have had a nice relaxing vacation. There were a couple of day where the wind was just to much for there smaller pontoon so they just hung out and fished the river. With little wind today they are hitting it hard there last day here.