Good news is old minnesota produced 22 fish from when I had talked to pat until the next morning. Florida,montana,and idaho were a little on the slow side last night . I sent some of the guys out to fish california and new york they were getting a few more fish. Idaho had 5 keepers and are here until thursday.
The greek had the energy to go fishing for a bit tonight but did not do well. I had talked to Brady ealier and they had there 8 so I would assume its a day bite in that area

Dec 27th fishing report

We finaly found some good fishing. California was the hot house and had 15 keepers when I saw them having dinner ay westwinds. They came in and cleaned enough for a meal perfectly prepaired in westwinds kitchen. New York was also catching fish but seemed to be missing more then they were landing. Old minnesota was the slowest of the three houses but that could of changed since I talked to them last night as the sunset.
The sunset was spectacular is the only word I can give it. I will lay you money there were many many pics taken of that sunset last night. Some day I will leard how to post pics so I can better share some of the sights here on upper red lake.
We still have houses open on weekends and weekdays for anyone that would like to experiance red lake.
A few of my loyal cusomers I have not heard from. mark and sandy,dave and dallas, Bob and Jacky

Jim Stan and Randy did not do so well. they were fishing for pike with big sucker minnows as well as fat heads. They did catch a few walleyes but nothing to brag about.
Jim had his big pike on and lost it at the hole.They also lost a smaller one.
We have had about 7 inches of snow so far. It seems its not as wet as they pritacted so thats good.
It gets real busy for me starting today as I have a 3 houses that need to be on the lake by sunday eve. Now throw in mother nature and its a whole new ball of wax. Oh well you will never beat her so you try and plan to atleast keep her in check. As always its looks like another challenging season which makes it so much fun. Gotta love it as it keeps you on your toes

Our first weekend

Pat and barb headed to lotw after spending the weekend in our florida fish house. This was there second year and they seemed to have a good time. they were able to have fresh fish for dinner and may of taken a couple keepers home. I did not get to say goodbye as I was in church sunday morning when they pulled out. Ari,Chris and jessie also caught some fish but also got a ticket for keeping a fish in the slot. Oops
Thegreek wa here helping me and we now have 4 of our 8 houses on the lake. we did some fishing in his portable and fished utah but did not have much luck. Atleast were finding not where to put the houses.
Jim.stenny and Randy spent the night in pld minnesota and I willbe checking on them later this morning.

Dec 18th

well I guess its official for me as of yesterday we now have three house on the lake. Montana,old minneota and florida. The greek spent the night in montana and I am headed out to see how he did and wet a line myself.. barb and Pat will be rolling in this morning,followed by Arie and his buddies folllowed by Bill the plumber. I’m sure the greek will want to wet a line again tonight so we will be getting more of the house’s ready to hit the lake.

Dec 13

Spent just a little time on the lake yesterday. I measured just over 9 inches about 1/4 mile out. I would say there were 20 fishermen on the lake yesterday. I did here of a 41 inch pike caught. Buddy has staked a road out 7 miles and Ryan has staked a road out around 3.
Talked to Dean yesterday he is the new owner of Hudecs. They have renamed it beacons harbor. He Gave me a tour of what they have done so far and the rooms look great. I think he plans on having lodging by the first of the year if everything goes as planned. It will be nice to be able to send a few friends and fishermen out of there this winter to do some fishing/scoutting.
The greek will be helping me this year and searching for crappies in his spare time. He will be offering one on one guiding or groups through me if any one is interested in chasing the elusive but still catchable red lake crappie

were making ice

Well it took a while but were making ice now. the greek tried out infront of our place tonight but never got a bite. I personnly a’m never in a hurry to be the first one out there. A fish is just a fish and I can wait a few days until I feel totally comfortable with the conditions. It looks like we have a nice string of cold weather so thats a plus. A few of the locals have caught a couple of walleyes but no one is pounding them that I know of. I expect with the reports a few fishermen will be up here next weekend.