banbino wins

I held I poker derby slash giveaway on ido and bambino guy won and will be coming up for a free stay on the 19th’
The fishing was not the best this weekend but we had some action. Kelliehad her mom amd step mom up. I made kellie in chrage of taking them fishing so I could concentrate on other chores. She did fantastic as they landed a couple of walleyes and lost a couple. sandy set the hook on a big Pike and Kellie grab the rod from her and the battle was on. they fought the fish for 20 minutes only to have it get off at the top of the hole. thats twice kellie has battled a monster only to lose it at the top of the hole.
Duey and Sue were here and I was able to spend a little time with them. Steve and Connie were there guest and I landed a fish on steves rod when he was not paying attention.
I also got to spend a little time with leroy and his boys. Shannon was on flying alaska as he works for the company that is being filmed.Shannon said if he could live any where in alaska it would be homer. thats where Ole lives in the summer and that where the greek hhas stated Natures ventures. I getting excited to go there . I still want to drive there in my 56 merc. lets hope with in the next 5 years we can make the trip.
jeff and Jacky were in montana. I did not get to spend is much time with them but they did go home with the most fish.


If you go to idofishing I’am giving away a free one night stay’
Our daughter Missy landed her first walleye through the ice yesterday.Thers a pic on our faceboook page cookies on upper red lake.
We have are florida house open for the weeknd as well as are budget sleeper. 225 for florida and 125 for utah per night

dave and sarha are staying in florida and had one when I saw them early yesterday afternoon. tony boy and his wife went home with 4 and a memory of losing the big one. 2 locals had there 4. I set mark up where I vacated and they had landed 5 with 3 being keepers. 2 previous customers had 3.
Dillon helped me moved idaho yesterday and we will be moving minneota later today.

5 weekends to go

Another weekend bites the dust.
Florida and montana were out at the end of the road and the fishing was not very good.With a total of 5 keeper walleyes caught plus a lot of little perch. Tonybay and I will be moving them later today.
california did the best with 8 keepers a nd some bigger fished released.
kellie and I fished minnesota saturday eve and part of sunday with kellie getting her 4 plus losing a big pike at the hole.
idaho landed a mid 40s pike and that made there trip.
Utah was used a a place to sleep for frank and tyrk as they spent alll day saturday on the center bar. Frank got 18 fish and turk got 5.I spent part of the weekend helping Jake get his van going The carlsons went home with 10 keepers but Jake gave them 3 and I gave them two. Tony and Nev did the best going home with 8.

we still have three sleepers open for next weekend? Where are all the fishermen?

another good weekend

All our houses caught fish this weekend with old minnesota and florida doing the best,. It was good to see Jill and her crew again as well as Tom amd his brothersLleonard and Mike. They ate 8 fish sunday night. Wow what a meal that must of been. dave and dawn fished montana and took home 5 keepers Dave would not keep anything under 14 so he took home 5 nice fish.

Lees crew

lee and his crew arrived saturday night, Some were ataying until monday and some were staying until tuesday with Lee staying tell wednesday. They had a blast and Dan said it was one of the funnnest weeknds he has ever had. Top 20 in his words. It was just not the fishing but the comraderie they shared over the two nights. They ate like kings and laughed the asses off.
lee own the mystry dinner theater in mpls. and can be very funny. He satyed a extra day to help me move house. They went home with 18 fish . lee and I fished yesterday morning and had some good fishing landing 5 keepers losing a couple and landing a fat 23 incher. Lee was able to take his 4 home all between 15 and under 17 inches. I let him drive the red baron while I drove blue thunder he said he felt like a little kid that always wanted to drive the big red truck.
If you ever get a chance you should take in one of his shows. very entertaining and well worth the money to get a great laugh or two

Its picking up a bit

We now have all our sleepers on the lake. Jim Sten and Adam in montana had a big pike on today that tangled 4 lines and still escaped.
Ben and Shana had two keepers tonight and have missed a few with shana catching her first ever walleye a 20 incher, The big news is Ben proposed to her last night in old minnesota and she said yes.
Brian and his buddies landed a 34 inch pike in Idaho.They have caughten a few walleyes but all have been to big.
I would like to move minnesota and idaho tomorrow. To give them two groups one more chance before they head home wednesday.
New years we just had two house being used. the weather could not have been much worse and the fishing was so so with saturday a little better then friday.
We still have plenty of opening and I will keep moving the house th eintire season