Well the walleye season is now over.
I had all the houses on fresh spots in what was a fishy area.The fishing was slow.Of course the weather was cold so fishing in the open was not happening. Everyone still had a good time but I sure was dissapointed with the fishing this year.We found some great areas that were very fishy and they would fizzle out in no time. Very frustrating. If I had it my way all the houses would get limits. I guess thats kinda silly but with a lake full of walleyes you would think they would be a little easier to catch. The season started off with no night bite at all which kinda sucks when your renting sleepers but that was out of my controll. The main roads only went out less then 3 miles and at three miles it seemed to be fishless.Once we were able to get out further we found some good fishing but again within a week it fizzeled out.
I would like to thank all the dedicated customers that came again this year. And also a big thank you to my new customers. I hope to see you again next year.
Today will be a sad day as I start the process of pulling the houses off the lake. I truly love being on the lake everyday and the work is very rewarding . Battling mother nature is the hardest part, finding great fishing can be tough, Keeping the equippment going is always a challenge.My helper had to leave mid jan. Which made things even tougher but I some how managed.
Now it willl be a long wait until we get out on the open water,I will be doing a little fishing looking for the elusive upper red lake crappie. We also need to do some work on the cabins .Lots of painting and cleaning as we get ready for the opener.
Again a big thank you to all my fishermen and lets hope the open water season brings with it outstanding fishing

11 days left

I only had carl and his son fishing last night and the night before .carl had 6 keepers and one to big that I returned to the water. 5 were caught after dark so that was nice to see. not sure what happened to the day bite but with sleepers its nice to here the rattle wheels.
I have taken 4 of our sleepers out but not sure about taking Idaho as its such a heavy house. It will be on the back of my mind and we will have to see if theres any action where it is. Were prettty busy these last two weeks and I expect mother nature to show her ugly side before the seasonn ends as it was 55 here yesterday

the push to the end os the season

sarha and jr went home with 4 keepers and I had a little time to visit and play a game of canaska with them. Sarha won. jermey and his crew left before I could see them but Brian found a couple of fellet fish in the snow bank and it must of been them.’
This past weekend Todd,Bob.Jenny and Barb fished florida. They went home with 7 keepers that I know of as they were gone when I got out there sunday. Calfrnia had Scotts kids on saturday and Scott and Wendy landed quite a few fish and had 14 keepers with there grandson getting to land a few. the area Scotts house set completely flooded with the weight of his house and truck plus the snow I piled up when I plowed them there spot. Brian is up and just like normal the fishing sucks for his crew. We moved them yesterday and may be moving again as I troll for good fishing. Jim and Sten took home 4 and were here sunday night.
ryan and his crew are in montana and leave today there fishing went from good to horrible last night. I just do not get it. Its time to hit the lake as I hope to have every house on fresh fishing for the up and coming weekend

we need some fishermen

Yes its true. This weekend we only have one house out of 6 rented. Ouch I can not gaurentee you will catch limits but I can promis you will be comfortable and it willl be like fishing in your livivng room. yesterday jeramy and his crew landed a 33 inch pike and had one keeper walleye when I checked in on them. I will be moving the house for them around noon today. larry and sarha are in florida and we will see how they did shortly. Other then that its very quiet here on upper red lake

only 4 weekends left

Yes its true after this weekend there will only be three weekends left. I spent the week moving all the houses into new areas, We had no choice but to pull out of the area that big pike kept messing with us. Somone needs to go over there with tip ups and see if they can land that bad boy.
Its been another slow year for fishermen.I have two house open this weekend and 5 next weekend the 11th 12th. The fishing could be better but thats always the case.
dan Jim and Loyde fished minnesota yesterday afteernoon and landed two. They were headed to lake of the wood and just fished for a few hours.
I’ll be doing a little fishing ths weekend as I host my fishermen. Old friend Bob and Ricj are bringing up a group of guys so it should be another fun weekend