the books are open

We took our first reservation last week so the reservation book is now open. This year I will be running 4 deluxe houses due to mother nature wiping out a few of my older houses. Idaho has went to another lake so that leaves minnesota with new carpet and siding,montana with new carpet,florida and california. I’ have also added a dvd player to montana and minnesota.
As every year I will not know where the houses will be until the lake freezes over. Last year we had some goood fishing and some not so good but thats fishing i guess. Fishing in such shallow water I did notice that the quieter you could be with the lights turned down seemed to help the fishing.I hope to see many of the same crews I have seen in the past and some new ones.I sure of made quite a few new friends over the years and look forward to making many more.
Open water fishing is not over as I have one more guide job on the books plus I like getting out in the fall when time allows.

early fall in waskish minnesota here on upper red lake.

Its been quite sometime since I have given any fishing report. I spent the evning fishing with larry,jess,and christian. We managed to land three keepers and missed quite a few. today we will work on teaching them to give them a little line before they set the hook. I have always loved fishing this time of year but I also have to work in the fall for Gary and Dave out at there farms.
my grand daughter ashly wants to bow hunt this year so I will be teaching here all about deer hunting in the next two months and that should be some chersied time. I will be hunting with my recurve while she tries a compound.
I also hope to fish more but after bouncing around in a tractor all day its hard to get out and fish after work.