day two of a full house

Its been a few years since I have been able to get my house’s up towards the north shore. After some scoutting I found a area I liked and hauled california up there. Yesterday old minnesota made the trip. Florida and montana will follow with my new house arizona to bring up the rear.
Last night when I made the rounds Pat and Ryan were way happy with the move.
Jeff and Penny were also having some good fishing and as I visited I even landed a couple of fish on Jeff’s rod and reel.
Penny with two keepers.
Florida and montana were not doing all that well. I feel so bad when that happens but theres not much I can do.
Both houses had deccent fishing the night before but nothing to brag about.

Good start to a full house

Well with only four houses this year it was nice to see all four with some fish. Mike and Verna had 4 keepers in Florida. Richard and his crew had a couple in Montana and a small pike Pat, Ryan and Pat’s son Shawn had two keepers. Pat has been a great customer over the years. He has even tried two other outfits that I know of but still comes back to old Minnesota. I told Pat they needed to be jigging a bit more as they had set lines down as they played cribbage. Joe and his crew fished California for the day and were gone before I got there. They did have a keeper before I left so that was encouraging.
While I was there just as it was getting dark I dropped a line and banged out 3 fish in less then 5 minutes. Keith had given me two fish so I was hoping for two more. After the first one all I needed was one when I had a keeper on my rod and reel. As I was trying to get the hook out the rattle wheel went off and just like that I was over my limit. The one on the rattle wheel went right back down the hole even though it was a fat 16 I had no choice. I guess it was a nice choice to have.
Getting all the houses ready yesterday morning was a adventure. When I arrived at Montana it looked like every piece of snow to the south west had drifted around the house and I had no choice but to move all the snow before I augerd out the holes.
When I got to Florida it was just the opposite and there was not a stitch of snow within 100 yards of the house. Minnesota the darn heater had gone out. We put a new control valve on it at the tune of 350.00 so I was a little bummed but the gas man will get it dialed in.
When Joe and his crew arrived I escorted them to California and all my fishermen were here for the night. Today we have another crew coming for Florida, and California


Jeff and Lisa stayed in florida with there two girls Llee and Libby. They fell in love with the top bunk and never wet a line as they had there own little fort up theer .Lisa and Jeff managed to get a few and have a fresh wallleye. Jeff had a couple of friends on the lake and it sounded like they reallly stuggled each onlt getting one keeper.
Tommorow it gets real busy and the auger is going to get a good morning work out. All four house are full the next couple of days. Lets hope the fish cooperate.
Talked to Buddy Hillmen today. He said there doing real well out there. Jimmy’s brother got a 40 inch pike when I pulled up with Jimmy’s house. I pulled it from my shore over to beacon harbor. Things went real smooth so that was sweet. California is on the north shore and it will be fun to fish such a new area. I had hoped to fish it when I got there but the bolt to my auger vibrated out and the head fell off the truck. It damaged the gas cap. I could of jerry rigged it but I caught a couple of fish there two days ago so I know its a fishy area.

on the move

Time to move old minnesota. Today I will be moving minnesota,doing some prefishing,hanging some trinkets in florida and just en joying the lake. I would say old minnesota caught around a dozen walleye,one broken line from a pike. The biggest walleye 24 incher, 10 perch and only four keepers walleyes. Its time to move to whiter pastures. Taking off in a few to wet a line and look for a spot for minnesota.
I ran into Dean from beacon harbor,he said most were still doing well out of there. He did mention the pressure ridge and was hoping it would heal. I offered my bridge if he needed it ,he wanted to buy it but I will keepeing it as you never know when your going to need a bridge.
Florida,montana and california are all ready to fish . Just have t o auger the holes. Jeff and his family will be here tomorrow for florida,then pat shows up for minnesota on tuesday as well as joe

Merry christmas to all you fellow fishermen and hope to see ya on the ice…

The fleet is on the ice.

Now that our four sleepers are on the ice,its time to start moving them looking for th emother load.With no reservations tell christmas day I have 5 solid days the look around and find that honey hole. The fishing has been outstanding for some and slower for others .We have plenty of season left to find that next honey hole

we well under way

Mike ,SeanTravis and Hunter are fishing in florida today. Sean landed a 37 inch pike earlier today. Jigglestick and Gooose spent the night out there and had a little action. Ryans sleeper did real well. Chris frolic did not do well and is on the prowl. Sounds like most are getting a keeper or two

Its that time

Thwe ice is lookling real good.Yesterday the least I found was 12 inches. I have california on the ice and florida will be coming out of the woods today. There are some active cracks on the lake at this time that A guy has to keep a eye on. The area I placed california has 14 inches. I have prefished a couple of areas . Not pounding them but I have lost a few and landed a couple plus numerous fish that do not want to bite.
Wild Bill may be coming up this weekend and Mike and his son will be fishing my florida houseone night.
Ryan has spent the night out there in his ice castle and has some rattle wheels going off which is great as last year they did not bite much after dark like in years past.

things are looking good

what a difference a year makes. With no snow and cold weather we seem to be making some solid ice this year. The fishing has been outstanding in 8 to 9 feet of water just out from shore. Ole was up for a couple of days and headed home with 4 keepers. Jake and Jenny and gabrial went home with there 12 from a weekend of fishing.I have heard nothing but good fishing reports from the fishermen that have been walking out. Our houses are almmost ready to go and now we just need to give mother nature more time to make another 7 inches of ice to feel safe driving out there