hit a wall

Wow have i been busy. The wife sister and brothers did not do as well and went home with 8 keepers plus a dozen perch. We got dumped on with snow monday night and tuesday and wednesday were spent opening up the main road and the trails running to my houses. Tuesday I took the red baron to the houses to make sure there was not flooding from the drift and buried the red baron. I guess I should of called somone as it took me a hour and half to dig out and it wiped me out. I was totaly drained. Yesterday I spent the day moving snow and moving montana and california to new spots. Today I will prep montana for Julie and her husband and then get the other 3 houses moved for the final weekend of walleye.
Jake will be up tonight chasing crappie for two days so I will be cutting a few trails for him.

still searching

I heard a rumor of 30 crappies caught by three guys out of hillmens access. I just talked to Buddy and he said Larry saw them so it was confirmed they were caught. Buddy said he tried to find the spot they were fishing but had no luck.I guess thats good news and bad news. Bob, Steff and the kids are working a area of rough ice all most to th ereservation line where I did well three years ago. Bob thinks he has lost a couple and also may of lost one in montana last night. Californa with tony kristi and maddison also had better action last night after 8 . They also had a wonderful time enjoying the northern lites last night.

This coming weekend

The wife Kellie and I spent 3 1/2 hours fishing in minnesota last night and having valentines dinner. The dinner was wacking ,shrimp,baked potato and broc;y.We enjoyed watching the movie Money ball which the wife liked witch surprised me
.We each even managed to catch a keeper a piece.


Today I will be moving florida and minnesota to new spots as my brother will be arriving from chicago tomorrow. California and montana will be together for Bob and his sister.
Peg and Jim arrive today for montana and will be here two nights. I’m thinking of moving arizona next to the north shore pressure ridge .
I would like to find a spot a little deeper for California and montana next to rough ice for the weekend as Bob is a dedicated fishermen and will be pounding the ice for two days looking for a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.

feb.10th and 11th

Chalk up another weekend. Arizona did the best this weekend. Ben and Julie and the kids were gone saunday morning before I could go say good bye. So no idea how they did saturday night.
Dan @ Greg did a outstanding job cutting down the trees I needed taken down on our lakeshore. I’ll have plenty of cleanup to do once walleye season closes. We cut down atleast 20 big trees with a couple huge basswood and ash I beleave? Now I will be able to store the house’s on higher ground.Mel and Peanuts have fished hard in montana while the guys worked and since they landed that big pike saturday morning it has been slow with just a perch here and there.
Ralfh and his friends were in california. I knew a Ralfh once and he legaly changed his name to Lee.
They did not do well at all but had a good time. Since they did not do well They had onion rings with there beer batter. They had a small dark house and tried spearing. Ralph did see one pike in the 30s. They also saw a walleye or two so I may bring a hous over to that area.
I spent two brief evenings in minnesota. The first night I just used the gas lights and no power. Never marked a fish .Saturday eve I had the generator going 20 feet from the house. I had all the lights on and a movie going on the dvd. I ended up catching 6 fish 3 walleyes and 3 perch . 2 keepers and one to small[img]http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17528-422179_361424220543725_168677789818370_1366720_296122742_n.jpg[/img]

I still may have a chance at a crappie there and I will be in and out of minnesota alll week before I move it.
All 5 house’s will be moved this weeek. Warren and his pals roll in thursday from chicago,Peg and Jim will be here wednesday and thursday for montana.

16 days left

Lyle showed up wednesday while I was out of towm.He store his fish house here at my place so I gave him directions of where my houses were so he coule fish in that area. Lo and behold when I goy out there he was set up 26 paces form arizona. To funny I could care less How close he was but was hoping if he was a bit away he might find a better spot as there s so much ubfished out there its ridiculas[url=http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17423-426010_357176497635164_168677789818370_1356256_347482067_n.jpg][img]http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17423-426010_357176497635164_168677789818370_1356256_347482067_n.jpg[/img][/url]

They had 6 last night and needed two more before they leave this morning. I wanted to get a pic but they had fillet them up. I did mention they are not spose to do that but they played stupid I guess.
This weekend is the slowest of the seasom I have arizona monta and california rented the other two are empty. I plan on fishing minnesota after I move it today and will also sey florida up incase we get a last minute call with the temps dropping dowm to minus 20 tonight you naever know.
I decided to leave california where it was as its a freebe for a friend of a friend and had to reauger the holes and it was a good reminder why I would rather move a house then re auger as its tough on the body and tough on the auger. I will not be doing that again. Dan mel and thetre friends are coming up and Dan is going to cut down some trees for me in return for using montana so thats a good deal as a logger I talked to wanted 1500 dollars.
After the weekend I have another slow week tell thursday when my bro comes in with 3 buddies from chicago.It will be nice to see him and should be a good time. Arizona is open the 17th 18th and florida and arizona are open the last weekend of walleye season.

searching for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie

Well it’s set in stone march 9th and 10th Jake has a couple of guys coming up. I offered them lodging for 25 a man per night .We will be spending saturday searchiong for the mother load. We found them a few years ago or should I say jake and spense found them. They forgot to tell the rest of us though and they landed 40 that late afternoon. Should be a great time on a grand lake. We will all meet at hillmens in the am and head out from there. Bring plenty of gas and a extension as we will be working rough ice more then likly. I will be putting my extension on tomorrow as its that time of year.

where did the week go

what started out as a slow week has becoam very hectic. Bob and his gal Terry are fishing minnesota auntil tomorrow as well as Matt in montana. Tony and leah had 7 in there bucket and a couple of perch, Bob abd Terry were planning on having fresh fish for dinner last night. Bob called out of the blue wednesday and came up from Iowa yesterday.red lake was on his bucket list ,While checking them in yesterday he said he was here in 1950 with his dad. I will be busy today as I check in Darrel and his crew and get california moved before the jay and his crew arrive. Then tomorrow I would like to move montana and minnesota before lee’s crew arrive. I also plan on moving florida today. Busy busy