searching for the elusive upper red lake crapppie

Its that time a year to give a valent attemp to land a few of the elusive upper red lake crappies. Last night was the first night I targetted them. Working the north shore in 3 feet of water with a whitle flu-flu was the ticket as I landed 4, Jen landed two and Jake landed four. We kept 7 for dinner tonight and released three that we figured were females. All in all a good start as we only fished a little over 2 hours.




The wind was a factor this year and made the fishing a little tougher.The guys I took out Dustin ,Jim and Sten battled the wave with me and we managed to catch a few fish. Saturday evening was much better as we caught a fish every drift drifting from 8 feet to 4 feet. They headed home sunday morning. The guys camping on the river lot got the 12 but fished all day. All the guys down at the lake managed to catch fish but it was along day with the wind. Sunday the wind kept everyone off the lake.We have a full house next weekend lets hope the winf cooperates

another opener

Well it seems like it has been forever but we can start keeping fish starting today. I only have two guys staying down on the lake and no one in the cabins as they bailed out on me last minute. I will be taking Sten,Lim and Dustin out a little bit later and the fishing repoerts will follow/ Were dealing with shallow water this year and going out onn the lake from the river is tough. Trim all the way up and slow.
Tell your friens I have limited camping and two cabin we rent here, have a good season and be carfull