june 11th and 12th

Yesterday we were able to get on the lake with Mike his dad Tom and Adam the camra man. Lets just say it was a adventure for sure. The wind was coming out of the west around 12 mph. With the waves breaking over the last two sand bars I came to a stop in between the last two and took a 5 foot wave over the bow. Once we got out of that bad situation . Things were much better. That will be the last time I go out from the river with 4 foot rollers as I sure do not want to damage my boat for a fish.. With the stirred up from the high winds on monday we headed out to deeper water. It started off with a bang as the first drift Tom had one on and lost it. the second drift I landed a plump keeper. After many more misses and some lost tackle from snags we managed to land a total of 3 keepers in the two hours we fished.All in all it was agood time considering we were driftinf in 4 foot waves

fishing is still above average

With the wind howling out of the southwest we decided to give it a shot, The first thing I did not like how the boat was hitting the lake floor inbetween the waves as we went out the mouth of the river. Once we were on the lake there were some pretty goood waves. We started trolling spinners right away and darn if we did not catch a fish within minutes. It surprised me as we kept getting one here and there as we traveled along.After about 2 hours jenny was not feeling so well so we came in.
We are still seeing quite a few smaller fish in that 13 inch range.

The last two weeks

Memorial weekend my brother was up from chicago with a couple of buddies. A cold front had blown in and the winds were stong out of the northeast. We stuggled to catch fish . We did manage to catch a few bigger walleyes but it was slow. Yesterday with no wind and 80 degrees trollong a spinner was the ticket as I caught 4 walleyes with in 25 minutes. I also spent a little time looking for the elusive upper red lake crappie with no luck Red lake is so different then the traditional walleye lake where you want a walleye chop. You do not get many but some of the best days I have had on red lake it was dead calm.