the last couple of days

Pat, Rich,Ryan,Todd and Shawn rolled in friday afternoon. It was nice seeing them again and Pat again beat me a cribbage.
The first day minnesota out fished ryan and rich in montana. !4 to 2. When I got out there to move them I decided at the last minute to make a smaller move as the area seemed pretty fishy. After 2 hours with help from chase both houses were moved onto fresh ice. It paid off and the guys made a nice come back with both houses getting around 25 fish. California was used as a day house with the guys not doing all that well.The second day was a little better and they were happy to have a fish fry.
Brian,Todd and Trent had good success in florida. Every time I stopped in to check in on them the lights were down the radio was low and they were very content. After the second night I moved them. Again just a small move but that was all that was needed as they started catching fish again.
Shelly, Chase and Chasity are now fishing florida .We spent some time with them last night and it was slow. I hope to move minnesota and florida today.
Pat and his buddy were in the cabin last night . I sent them to an area and they were very pleased with the results ,Now I have to decide if thats where I should put a house.
John and his group also did well where I sent them .
Wild Bill did real well where I sent them but must of gave the position out to friends as there has been portables there all three days since they fished there

weekend two

Weekend two.
All the customers showed up yesterday and are now fishing. Florida with Brian, Trent and Tom had the hot house but they rolled in around 520 am yesterday. Brian has lost two fishing rods one while I was visiting. Man did Tom think that was funny I reminded him that Brian drove,he paused for a second then laughed again.
Cory and his family Abby, Cole and Jack also had some action in montana.
Ken and his two girls Maddiason and Mekenzie were not doing that wel in old minnesota. John and his gal had fished it for two days prior to Ken and his girls so I plan on moving them and california with Nick and his buddy.

dec 24th

Yesterday after church I headed out on the lake to see how chuck and Deb did. The fish started to bite around 10pm and kept Chuck from getting a good nights sleep. I had told them I would move the house if they were game. Chuck wanted me to put the house where they bite from 3pm to 10 pm? I guess I’m not sure how to do that but I did move the house out a little deeper and a lettle further from the main road. John and Angie stayed put and for the second time someone has proposed in old minnesota? She said yes so both my boys proposed to there true loves yesterday. Wow and they did not even know.
We have everything booked dec 25th through the 29th then we have somthing open every weekend at this time.
Everyone have a merry christmas and safe new year


Bobby”s crew of 7 ended up with 25 total keepers so it was not great but what I would consider good.The boys had one two many and they awoke saturday morning with all there lines tangled . Jim and yogi went home with 8 and seemed satisfied.
Chuck and deb checked into florida and John and Angie checked into minnesota. Neither house was doing much last night so today may again be moving day.

With Bobby’s crew all helping the move went really well. All three deluxe house’s were moved a mile further out blocked,banked and augered in less then 3 hours. The fishing improved right away with Ron catching a bonus elusive upper red lake crappie out of his potable. Kellie and I visitted Daral and Bobby while Ann and Ron cooked up a fresh fish fry in old minnesota..
Yogi and Jim checked into california and then headed off in there portable. They had 5 when I checked in on them last night.
Josh,Blake,Chris and angela stayed in the cabin two nights and took there wheelers off my place and headed south. They had good fishing and said they would deffintly come back again. Man they sure cleaned up the cabin as you would of never known any one stayed in there Thanks guys.

Not even one week in to the season and I have moved california twice and florida once. Yesterday Mike and his crew were up to nine when I checked in with them .They were spose to call me so I had a idea if there was a evning bite in the spot they were fishing. I have not talked to the guys in the cabin to see how there fared yesterday.
Bobby and here crew roll in today and have three of my four houses so I set them up in a triangle with in shouting distance so they should have a good time. Next week its get real busy then slows way down with open house over new years and every weekend in jan.except the 18th and 19th.
As the ice thickens I will migrate to new areas but as of now we should be good

the snow missed us

Welll even though we need the moisture it was good the snow missed us. There were quite a few fishermen on the lake again this weekend with good fishing reports. The first early ice fishing sure has taken off the last two years. The guys in the cabin did real well both days and had a good time. Our houses are still in the woods but ready to go . Now I just need to be patient as we slowly make ice.