My first day of my working vacation.
Got up around 530 as i wanted to be to old minnesota at first lite. The red Barons rear breaks were frozen tight as a drum sO I spent over a hour getting them brokedn loose. When I pulled up to florida i was plesently surprised to see jr and sarah had landed a 10 and 13.1/2 inch crappie over night


I then spent a couple hours fishing for kellie’s Glasses on the bottom of the lake and watching the new 007 movie. I did not retrieve her glasses but did end up retrieving my fishing rod after a fish took it from its holder.I then fired up blue thunder and went and moved montana to a fresh spot for justin and his buddie. After a short nap and lunch I went to look for a big patch of rough ice hoping I could find the mother load, i did find what i was looking for but the red baron got hung up in the process.That sulidified my scoutting and I now no wheer I want to search


After digging out of that fiasco I called it a day and headed to shore. Carriering to much speed in the red baron in 2 wheel drive the last corner at beacon harbors access I ended up loosing controll and buring the vplow and red baron into a 4 foot high snow bank. I did not take a pic though I should of

Well I guess the first thing to say is a big THANK YOU to all my customers and fishermen that have enjoyed my post this winter. It was another outstanding season fishing wise. I experemented with the houses staying in the same spot a few times with pretty good success. I still will never have a problem moving a shack while my customers are here as long as the weather,darkness,or mechanical break down prevents me from moving. I truely do love working on the lake and strive to make my customers comfortable. I learned a few things I can do better from Andy and Andy. I can handle constuctive critisism, if its going to make things easier or my customers stay a little bit nicer.
Mother nature whacked us a couple times but thats a given so you just do the best you can and hope you learn from the experiance. I made a few mistakes but I do that every year. Again I hope i’ve learned from any mistakes. I focused on walleye fishing and did not get caught up into chasing crappies.I did head to crappie country for the last weekend. The area I have the houses at this time have produced 11 that I know of. There has been reports of many 10 inch crappies so it makes a guy wonder if there a big school raoming around out there.I moved brent Andy Jen and Trish on saturday as there was no bite in closer to shore. The fishing got better right away with two bonus upper red lakes elusive but still catchable crappies a 13 and a 14 1/2. Greg and Gary in minnesota landed 3 but they were all 10 inchers. Bob, Bob, Jason and Rick closed out the season with me. Jason landed a 13 inch crappie sunday eve, They packed up yesterday with 14 walleyes and one crappie. Kellie the better half,Ole and Teresa and I fished sunday eve and had dinner in old minnesota. Ole and Teresa went home with 8 keepers. kellei and I fished last night from 4 to 7 and lande d a couple walleyes 4 perch for dinner and no crappies. I hope to keep getting Kellie out there as she sure would like to catch a crappie again out of old minnesota.
My nephew is going to arrive today for a little vacation time and I have Josh and his buddy arriving thursday to run and gun for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. I would like to find some dirty ice and have one area in mind for sure. I’m never ready for the town of waskish to become a ghost town. I have a long list of things to do, so thats a good thing as it goes from busy to twiddling your fingers in one day. I’ll spend the week moving minnesota,florida,montana and california one more time. The long range forcast looke very promising with no big storms to deal with at this time.

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Cabin/Ice House Rentals on Upper Red Lake

Much better fishing yesterday. Keith buddie’s were up to 43 fish landed since I plowed them a spot. They were playing cards when I stopped in to see how they were doing. One of the guys had some jarred pickles which were way good.
Rick,bob,bob and Jason rollled in around 3 yesterday. They only had 3 keepers last nite so I may move them today. Bret,andy, trish and Jen had much better fishing after I moved them out a little deeper. Greg and Gary have done real well in minnesota. They have even landed 3 10 inch crappies. There’s been quite a few caught this year so it makes a guy wonder how many there are. I’ll be in no hurry to get the houses off the lake. I have three guys coming up next weekend to chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Yesterday was just beautiful out on the lake, I sure will miss working out there as the season whines down

All I can say as its been a great season so far and I will hate to see it end. The fishing has been outstanding this year. Were starting to see a lot more smaller fish. The dnr has sadi there is a abundance of the 10 and 14 inch class. I have not chased crappies and put all my effort into walleyes. Not sure what my plans will be after walleye closes next weekend. I may chase crappies for a bit if I can get a couple rentals,only mother nature and time will tell..