I had a very bad day yesterday as I atttemped to vplow from beacons to the front of my place. It seemed to be going well and I kept stopping and backing up a letting the red baron cool down. The gauges all looked good so I kept pushing threw. I can not smell but when I saw smoke on the floor I new I was in trouble. I backed up got out and proceeded to try and put the fire out as the underside of the red baron was on fire. Not good. I popped open the hood to find more fire coming up the fire wall. The fire extingusier did not work so I prceeded to throw snow trying to get it out. I also starting grabbing any thing I could save as I thought she was going to burn to the ground. The good news it did not burn to the ground and the bad news as it does not look to good.The first step is to get it home

I would guess the average snow depth out there is 2 feet, I just can never let go of the season. I’m on my working vacation and enjoying my self. Kellie and I plan on doing some more fishing and having dinner in old minnesota on its new spot. I will be heading out in a bit with blue thunder to dig out california ,montana and florida. If any one comes up just give me a shout and I will plow a spot for you. No sense plowing any spots right now as there’s no one calling or emailing. There is a couple guys out on deans abandon SE. road and they have one crappie so far.
Borch plan on bringing a extension if you do not want to dig down two feet of snow to get to the ice. I measured 31 and 30 inche’s of ice a few days ago.

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Wow, I guess I’ve been a little busy. Opening up beacon Harbors road was a big job. It basicaly took two days as I had to help with chores at the farm, I hit a bump the second day and the red baron just stopped running and would not start. I figured I pulled a wire loose as I knew the ice was building up on the underside of red baron. Luck was with me and I found the unplug wire once I hammered off all the ice chunks . I learned another lesson to watch that ice build up better then I had. I was kicking myself at first but chalked it up to a good lesson.
The new spot I put old minnesota at has not produced a elusive upper red lake crappie. Kellie and I had dinner out there two nights in a row thursday and last night. We both lost quite a few fish and I tell Kellie that was a crappie. The walleyes are so pesky it frustrating even with a tiny crappie minnow 1 foot off the bottom.. We were also catching alot of little one 8 to 10 inches and in the past it seemed when you got those little ones you would also find crappies. I landed a couple pike over 30 inches and that again was a good sign there may be crappies around. I imagine I may move minnesota one more time before I throw in the towel.. There so much snow out there now that to chase crappies you need a sled . Deffintly a lot of good snowmobiling up here rigth now…

Day 8 of my working vacation. Mother nature hit us with quite a bit of snow I measured 5 inches in one spot but it could be closer to 10.
Saturday I perticapated in a snowmoble ride in honor of one of the first members that helped establish the trails. The trip was over 120 miles. My machine broke down around 100 mile mark. It was alot of funn untell then. Marty was nice enough to tow me home. I think I blew up the motor. ouch the rocket may have nade her last ride
Kellie and I were planning on fishing last night but mother nature changed our plans. I will be spending the day cleaning up the main road and a couple side roads I’ll spend the rest of the week digging out the houses and moving them offf there spots rather then move all the drifts. Its just amazing how much snow drifts around objects and the wind was not even that strong