she never stops to amaze me. Last night the wind blew so hard I completely lost my new road as she was filled in this morning when I got out there. The fishing was extroidanary Tough word.
Duke landed 9 yes 9 elusive upper red lake crappies. Old Minnesota also landed 9 elusive upper red lake crappies. Florida got 3 that they let go to fight another day. Derrick and Drew ate 6 and released 3 crappies to fight another day. or educateded them. Marty and Shell chick, shell and Jeff, Kellie and I went to westwind for dinner. There special was a prime rib sandwich for 11 bucks and it was tasty. Best prime rib sandwich I ever had hands down.
Goose and his gang did real well for walleye but no crappies in there wheelhouses.. Mark and his buddy did ok and got 9 walleyes so far no crappies. Keith took good directions and landed a 16 inch elusive upper red lake crappie plus 3 more. Plus many many walleyes and two pike and a few perch. They landed on a very fishy area and I will keep a eye on that spot.
I spent the first 2 hours of the morning plowing out my drifted in road as the wind was just howling out there last night. I’m headed out now with blue thunder to do some clean up work. Have a grand day I know I will have a grand day on a grand lake that owes me nothing

Only 10 nights left of the 2015 game fish season makes it bitter sweet for me. My plans at this time are to soak in every day and really enjoy the rest of the season. I have had a blast this year and love working on the lake the season is just to short and had flown by in a blurr.
Yesterday was another great day on such a grand lake. After checking in on Angie and Dennis I cut a new road to the houses with the red baron. She took a beating and at one point I could tell something was dragging. Upon further investigation the right side of the v plow had broken part of the scraper and the edge was digging into the ice. I will see what I can improvise this morning and go from there. Dennis commented when I was cutting the new road that every time he had a fish looking I would come by and chase it away OOPS. After discovering my broken plow I headed home to get blue thunder and move north Carolina and clean up all the road system with the straight blade. Once that was finished I stopped by too say hello to Dan from outdoor authority, He has also had a good season and such a nice guy. He said they had caught quite a few crappies a week ago but it had slowed down? I have a sneaky suspition where they went but getting there would be a problem until the walleye season ends then its game on for two weeks at least as I vacation on the lake with the hammer. Jake will be up to pop a hundred holes looking for the mother load and staying in his favorite house Montana. Angie and Dennis have had a grand time and were going to go have fresh fish at westwind the premier resort on the shores of upper red lake. . Tony and Katrina fished in his portable last night and it will be interesting to see how they did. Tony will help me this morning as I move Minnesota and Florida onto fresh ice for the weekend. Marty has Montana for the next 4 days and shell chick has north Carolina Friday Saturday and old Minnesota Sunday and Monday. I still have old Minnesota and the cabin open next weekend. One more plug if your looking for a gift for the honey bunny stop by Sandy’s shop on the edge of town. Its always nice to bring a gift home to the sweety pie even if its a loacaly grown bag of wild rice. have fun this weekend and by all means be safe out there

2 inches of snow turned into 2 feet atleast in some spots. Hit the lake at 9am with blue thunders plow breaking the trail to reopen Buddy Hillmen’s road. Less then a mile into it and I thought how nice it was to be part of Hillmen’s operation. I was also surprised how much snow was on the road. As I cut in the first pass Buddy and Kelly his mechanic and helper v-plowed the first section 1 1/2 miles. Once I got to the end of the road I turned around and again cleared snow from the north side of the road. The timing could not of been any better as I finished, Buddy showed up to start v-plowing while I cut the edge to the northwest road. I then got a hold of Tony to have him go get the red baron while I opened the road system I made to get to my houses. Plenty of snow had accumulated around the houses and I spent the next two hours cleaning up around the houses and my road as Tony helped with the v-plow on the main roads. By 1pm the main road was free and clear with just a few areas to clean up with blue thunder and her straight blade.
I then checked Dennis and Angie into Minnesota where Angie would be getting her first walleye through the ice. They are from Nebraska, I will be able to spend a little time with them today as yesterday was very busy day into the evening. I did not go out last night as driving on the roads with the snow blowing only collects more snow. Plus Tony is right next door in florida. I did talk to Angie on the phone and she got her first walleye last night a 14 1/2 incher. She also said they kept missing fish? I talked to Tony this morning and he said they would be needing more minnows and they missed a lot of fish over night? Could some of them be the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie’s? Tony and Katrina have landed three so far. In the last week I have missed numerous fish as well as Wayne, Marty, Kellie the” hammer” and I. I just talked to Dennis and they landed two 13 1/2 inch elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. They released the crappies to fight another day or edchacated them. Sweet!!! They also landed a few walleyes over night. 18 below this morning time to baby the trucks during this cold spell. Al though I would like to get North Carolina moved at some point today.

With Marty’s help we moved old Minnesota on a new spot Monday as Wayne decided to stay another day. That ment another day of visitting with my dear friend and spending time fishing, laughing ,playing cards, and eating. I decided a home made pizza would work for dinner. Marty and I moved Florida and Montana as well on to fresh spots. We buttoned up all the work by 430 and met at old Minnesota for another fun night . Kellie my honey bun” the hammer” showed up as well . It started off very slow and I commented I may of made a mistake in our new location as I pre paired the home made pizza. Then just like that it was fish on , we had a triple on the rattle wheels . Marty was on fire and landed a 20 incher hand over hand on 6 # line that wayne had tied onto the rattle wheel line. Not sure why he had so much line on there as when you brought it up you lost site of all the line. It did not hinder Marty though at one point he had a 18 incher in his hand and reached over to grab my fishing rod as it was tipping towards the hole. Kellie was also on fire landing a couple fish in a row .I have no idea how many fish we caught , We kept one for Marty to take home and have with his wife for dinner. Tony and his 5 year old daughter Katreana called around 10 pm to say they were on the lake and I was off to meet them and escort them to florida. About 11 pm Tony walked over to Minnesota to show us the two fish Katreana landed a fat 14 and a 13 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie . Tony also said they had landed 8 walleye in the first hour of fishing. Kellie headed home about the time Tony showed up and I ended up spending the night on the lake. I talked to two gentlemen pulling on the lake Monday morning and they were up to 9 crappies, I read they ended up with 20? Yesterday the snow started around noon as we pulled off the lake. I had no plans to venture out . Tony called around three to tell me they retrieved the fishing rod they lost earlier in the day and it had a 38 inch pike on the end of it. He sent me a pic and its almost as tall as Katreana. My observation from the past seems to be true as that’s 2 big pike that have been landed ,with to many small walleyes to count, plus a couple line breakers and hook benders. I also talked to Rodger to say good by and there spot produced 18 walleye the first day and puttered out after that with very slow fishing for them the rest of the weekend. Cliff’s spot also burned out and he said it was just dead after Friday. Counting the two fish wayne took home and one Marty kept we harvested 6 walleyes 4 perch and 3 crappies while catching to many fish to count. Fun, Fun Fun.

I dropped the ball yesterday morning. Time I got out to the houses Kevin and Rolly had rolled out. I did get a message from them and they said they had a great time and landed two elusive but still catchable 15 inch upper red lake crappies. I stopped at Florida to see Jennifer and John but it looked like they were still a sleep. Checking on them a bit later and they were gone. I ‘m waiting to here back from them to see how they did the second night. When I stopped in Saturday morning they were both sitting and fishing in the same spots set up the same way with John in his pajama bottoms and slippers the night before. It was like they never went to bed. John left me a couple new rod and reels Thanks again John. Old Minnesota got fished hard since Thursday. With the hammer working her magic and releasing that many fish I be leave the spot is burned out. Cusin petes theory is the fish leave a scent when there caught and released and effect the fishing. Minnesota will be moved today as it is spose to be another glorious day. It would be nice to get Montana and Florida also moved and set up as there is a chance of 3 to 6 inches of snow coming are way tomorrow. I have at least 1 mile of road I made to get to my houses and that will have to be plowed after the storm and wind. Sounds like Tony and his daughter will be up tomorrow and staying in Florida for 2 nights. We had a killer roast and venison dinner last night in old Minnesota. As Wayne would also say wacking. Its nice making a killer dinner on the ice as the food always taste better when your camping. Marty and Wayne will be heading home today. Marty and his wife Shelly will be back Friday as well as the hammers sister shell chick and her crew. Depending on if kellie and I fish this week Minnesota may have to get moved twice this week. Tony will help me move florida before they leave on Thursday so I have the house on fresh ice for Tom on friday. Minnesota is still open for the weekend at this time. Cliff has done real well all season in the spot he is fishing and yesterday I plowed out to him as his son was coming up with a wheel house. I also have to stop in and say good bye to Rodger, They were happy with where there fishing and this will be there last trip for the season so I expect Buddy Hillmen will be pulling there skid house to shore before the snow if possible. Wow only 14 nights left for the 2015 game fish season not sure where the time has gone but I can say we have had a grand time on a grand lake so far this season and as Dave told me it owes us NOTHING!!!

Just a tad more fun. Yesterday was a glorious day here on upper red lake. Checking in with John and Jennifer in Montana and everything was good as they had action on and off all night. Rolly and Kevin also had action and they were also good. I then spent some time in old Minnesota visiting Marty and Wayne and playing a few more games of texas hold em. We came back to shore around 1 so the guys could take showers and we could go clean our fish for dinner. 3 walleyes 6 perch and two crappies were just enough for another great fish fry at jrs. I knew Wayne would like the way they pre pair the fish as he likes a very light batter.
I on the other hand I like a heavier batter with a bite and like westwinds but trying to be a good host was my mission. We arrived back to old minnsota for some more fishing and cards where Kellie the hammer went to work landing and missing fish for the next 3 hours. Wayne fished that same hole hard with limited success while we were not there and could not be leave Kellie was on fire again. She did lose quite a few fish that may of been the elusive upper red lake crappies. She headed home at 10 while I stayed out with the guys where I landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Cliff ask me to plow a spot for his son coming up so will take care of that on my way out to say goodbye to our guests. It’s my turn to make dinner and we will be having beef and venison roast cooking in the oven in Minnesota all day. As Wayne would say YUMMY. I will detail the houses and shut them down for the week. Minnesota is open next weekend and Minnesota and Montana are open the last weekend of game fish. I’ll maintain the houses after the season ends for a week or two as I vacation on the ice, watching a few movies, playing some cribbage with Kellie and having her give me a couple tips on catching fish

Got home Thursday evening just in time to meet mark and Ed at hillmens with there wheel house and escort them out to a place I had plowed out for florida. My plan had changed after I plowed it out and I did not move a house there. I then checked on Collett ,Kathy, Terry and Kurt as they had been fishing florida for the day. When I arrived to florida they were just releasing a 30 plus inch pike. Lots of excitement and some great pictures were taken. I feel this is a great sign that there may be a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie in the area. Yesterday morning Ed landed one plus they had some decent walleye fishing. Collet and her crew ended up taking 5 walleye home so not bad but not that good. That pike may of effected there fishing. Wayne rolled in around 730 and was excited to get out theer and relax in old Minnesota. Marty and I joined him for a drink and a little bull shi. Fun was had by all with a few fish caught in the process. Friday morning brought more work as Marty had to pack up out of Montana. Kevin and Rolly rolled in around 2 and I got them set up just in time to come back to shore and meet John from Clam and his girl Jennifer after that we kellie and I plus Marty were to meet at old Minnesota for a porketta roast Wayne had in the oven. Kellie settled down into her favorite fishing spot in old Minnesota and proceeded to put the hammer down on the fish . With her vexlar charged and ready for action she put on a fishing clinic as we scrambled to grab her minnow after minnow, while are two rattle wheels never went off and my rod and reel never moved she landed fish after fish with two, yes two elusive upper red lake crappies . I said it was the guide and she said it was the fisherwoman. What ever it was it was magical and wayne was so happy to see her land those fish. We got some great pics with her smiling to beat the band. Before we had arrived Wayne had a flurry where he figured he caught 15 walleyes in a row and could not keep two lines down at the same time. kellie headed home around 10 while I checked on the customers, kevin and Rolly had some good action and were happy with the fishing, John and Jennifer were also happy and it will make my day much easier and less expensive as I think they should be happy with out having to move houses today. Tonight we will be having crappie and walleye for dinner and may play a little texas hold um. After sunday I have no one coming until Friday so I must shut the heat off this week to save on propane. I do not care to do it but it does not make sense to heat 3 or 4 house for 5 days with no one in them


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My very stinky bait did not work yesterday morning .Oh well we will try again in the next few days. I stopped in the cennix where my wife kellie works after the morning fish and they now have suckers I could of been fishing live bait. I will swing in there this morning and pick up a couple for the weekend. It would be nice to fish tip ups before this snow storm hits if its still going to hit us I have not looked at the weather this morning yet.
I cut two new trails yesterday after pike fishing with the red baron, she sure does not cut like she use to and the v-plow will have to be addressed this summer with no excuses. I was in the auto body trade for 14 years but was a painter most of that time. I do know how to weld but when it come to fabrication I am lacking. After a quick lunch headed back out with blue thunder to move 3 of our for houses. Old Minnesota was the first to be moved, followed by florida and Montana. I finished moving all three houses blocked and banked with the holes augered in old Minnesota for Kellie and I. It took me just over 5 hours . I rented florida to some locals today from Kellier but I do not think they are sleeping out there tonight. Marty rolled in around 10 pm and spent the night in old Minnesota. Kellie and I wet a line in old Minnesota and kellie the hammer lost a big crappie at the hole. Man was she mad/upset its been along time since she has landed one. The walleye fishing was not spectacular like it was where Minnesota was but we did land a couple 6 or so, maybe more like ten” a few”. I’m heading out this morning to prep florida for Collet and her relatives. I also need to detail old Minnesota and be back to shore no later then 930 as I have a appointment in town today. I then need to be back before 4 to meet Mark who is coming up in a wheel house. I have a spot all plowed out for them and expect good fishing in that spot.
I had a cancelation for old Minnesota next weekend the 13th 14th and still have Minnesota and Montana open the last weekend of the walleye season? Going to a two fish limit has slowed down the pressure on the lake which is a good thing since were over are allotted quota. Sucks for business but good for the lake.

Wow where did the last two days go? Yesterday I never drove out onto the lake. This morning I’m going to go fish for a big pike for 1 hour tops. I have never really enjoyed fishing by my self as I like the competition and comradery. Back when we were younger we use to fish coon lake for pike. If a flag went up it was first come first serve so it was like tackle football or rugby as we raced to the flag. Wonder why my body hurts.
I did manage to get all my book work done for jan so that was a good thing. Said good buy and thanks to Phil and Cory and they hope to make it up this summer . Yesterday the had a presentation at the park about draining the big bog to the north. Learned a little more history of the area . I was amazed that they made over 1600 miles of ditches in 2 or 3 years. With the heavy tax burden on the homsteader’s most could not pay the ditch taxes and moved on leaving the county almost bankrupt. All most !00 years later and you can still see the ditches from the air. Its a whole different world up there and very unique.
I then met David at Gary”s where we welded on blue thunders plow, glad we caught that as that would of led to some major damage if not addressed. Marty did not make it up and said he will be up later today. I plan on getting all the houses on fresh ice by Friday morning so all I have to do is pop 24 holes through 30 inches of ice. I will also move North Carolina but being its not rented I will not have to auger at this time. Its only rented two more times this season. Once we had the announcement of two fish my phones and emails have been silent. Seems crazy they will come for three but not two fish?
The easiest thing to doo would just move the house a little bit onto fresh ice as the two areas I’m fishing have been very fishy, But no not me I have two other areas that need to be explored so I will be heading out with the red baron to prep the areas before I move the houses. This is the time I need my helpers as I have to cut a trail with the red baron before I come out with blue thunder then remember to have the right gear in the right truck. I also have to be in Bemidji part of the day tomorrow so that will set me back a bit. The key today was taught to me from cusin Pete my mentor. Do not be in a rush, take your time. Its hard to do some times but I have most of the day. Another fun weekend is coming up and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. Who knows maybe a ellussive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie is in the works. Only time will tell and as Ole says you have to put your time in for a trophy fish.

Its in the other truck. The plan was to fish some tip up this morning with some stinky dead suckers I have in the shop. I can not smell but they sure look stinky. My plans have changed as # 1 auger is in the red baron with Phil and Cory. I guess that’s a sign I should go in the shop and get # 2 auger going again. Phil will bringing up auger # 3 later this year. Its amazing how many things end up in the wrong truck and takes planning every day as tools and equipment keep getting switched around. Oh well. Yesterday I needed the drill. It has been in either of the two trucks all winter but darn if it was at home in the laundry room/shop. I solved the flat tire problem on the dodge prospector and Marty will be bringing up 4 decent tires . That truck has had the same tires its whole life I think? It came from a farm in southeren Minnesota.
Blue thunder needs some welding done today so I will be waiting to here from david this morning as she is broken up pretty good. The red baron v-plow is also tore up and needs a total rebuild, I will have no choice but to use it as is the rest of the season and go from there. I have taken some great pics this winter and maybe some day I will figure out how to move them around the computer and post them. I can post them on face book under John Halvarson but can not get them on cookies on upper red lake face book page.
Last night I arrived to old Minnesota around 4 pm. The fishing started off real slow and I thought yes its time to move, around 5:15 the fish came through in waves. I had a heck of a time keeping a minnow on the rattle wheel with the genze worm while I worked a clown colored rattling flyer on Kellies pole as I broke my 150 dollar custom pole last week. Jake will be happy as I will now be using the custom rod he made me. The fish just kept biting the third fish I caught was a nice 16 incher that became dinner. I must of caught 15 or 20 fish in the next 2 hours. Not one was over 17 though. I wonder where the bigger fish went? The guy that had 4 lines down earlier this year would not of had a chance. I heard through the grape vine that 7 feet is still catching fish. I’m thinking that’ s where the bigger fish are hiding. Phil and Cory had excellent fishing last night also in north Carolina and that is the third or forth day in the same spot. I had Phil set some guys up in a wheel house Saturday with the red baron and they did real well when I had checked in on them Saturday eve. I think I was spose to drop off my card but never got back over there Sunday morning.
I had a killer dinner in old Minnesota last night. After dinner I put in a movie and crawled up on the top bunk of Minnesota and slept like a baby for over a hour until my phone rang. Mike from Minnesota resorts might call today They were fishing Milacs and not doing so well .He said he may need two houses today. I told him Montana and old Minnesota were catching fish and as long as I did not have to move them they were ready to go. I broke the tire chains on blue thunder or should I say wore them out and Kellie is bringing home a new set today. Phil hits the road today and it sure was nice having him and Cory here even though Cory ate my whole bag of chips ahoy cookies. It was a blessing having him here as he did a fantastic job on the trucks. I now have to baby them the rest of the season as much as I can any way. At 8 below this morning I’m going to work on the books to make the hammer happy.