Mother nature rules. The wind blew so hard Thursday evening it kept the roads from drifting in which was a nice bonus, less where and tear on the trucks. TYhere was some drifting but with out fresh snow it was not to bad.
Heading out to the end of buddy hillmens hwy. yesterday morning to auger out monatana and see how Alex and his buddy did it took a 1/8 of a tank of gas . So every trip out there and back eats up 4 gallons of gas in the bed baron. That 454 loves its fuel and you can watch the fuel gage plummet on those long journeys. Alex and his buddy did real well over night .Andy showed up around 10am with another friend towing a ice castle. After getting them set up I needed to go prep the houses for every ones arrival and say good by to Bob and Terry. Plowing around the houses from the drifting Thursday night, Detailing 3 houses, left no time for moving them so they all had to be fished where they were. Minnesota had only been fished one night so I felt comfortable they would catch some fish, North Carolina had one over night stay where it was and Gary and Kay fished it Thursday eve for 3 hours. Florida was on it 4th night on its same spot and it showed. They were not doing well at all and I will be moving them first thing this morning. Old Minnesota had caught 8 so far and they asked if I would move them today to fresh ice that house had not even been fished 24 hours before they arrived. Don arrived around 3 for north Carolina and they landed three with in the first 10 minutes of wetting there line and then nothing so I also will be moving them. Moving three houses is not such a big deal its prepping the new spots that’s take time and the further we move the longer it takes. Letting fishermen rent the houses on Thursdays really throws a monkey wrench in things for the customers that arrive on Friday for the weekends . I may have to change my policy and quit renting on thusdays as the customers get screwed when they arrive on Friday and I do not have the houses on fresh ice. It hard to say no when its such a short season and we need to make hay when the sun is shining.. maybe when I get out there this morning the fishing picked up? I did set jeff/boar up in a new location just around evening .It started out slow but when kellie and I were visiting them a wave came threw and 7 or 8 fish were missed with me landing a 16 incher on a rattle wheel. I did talk to Boar around 11 and they were doing much better. Andy in Montana with his dad and brother were way happy and have caught 25 fish or so .They are good fishermen. Andy’s buddy I think his name was Jim landed a 27 inch walleye on a tip up with a sucker. It was hooked pretty bad and they had no choice but to keep it as It was going to bleed to death. I also got a text from andy and one of there wheel houses landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Andys dad also lost one in Montana at the hole and he even had his hand on it. I saw the perfect spot to move Montana tomorrow when they leave and am excited to see how the fishing pans out in that spot. The other three houses need to go out to the end of the road, taking them out there today would take a lot of time so still not sure if I will leave the fishy area we have been in or just put the houses on fresh ice in the same area for the rest of the weekend. Then the whole fleet can go out there starting Monday morning. I will have to make a decision once I check in with every one this morning. I also have a area that has been real good all winter but can not convince any one to fish there.

Busy busy busy,
With a turn over today. Friday have became very busy. Orion and the guys had slow fishing yesterday and last night. 3rd night that house has been fished? It never gets better the 3rd night. I moved old Minnesota for Terry and Bob. They caught one right away in the new spot. While visiting them last night I landed a keeper just jigging with no vex. Gary and Kay fished north Carolina and I will have to call them later to see how they did. I cut a new road north for Montana and will head out very shortly to pop the holes. I did notice before Ii cut trail the red baron had a major crack and needed to be welded asap. I cut the trail nice and slow and limped her over to Gary s where David helped me weld it up. We had to remove the vplow and spent about 3 hours working on it. I met Alex around 10 pm and escorted him out by Montana as he is andy’s brother, Man had the winds picked up out of the south west, it was windy yesterday but last night it was just wicked out there . Hillmans road was in great shape with a little drifting but the off shoot roads were filling in quickly. There will be a lot of plowing today.

Blue thunder 100 years OOPs 10 years.
We were blessed with another beautiful day here on the shores of upper red lake. Buddy Hillmens hwy is in great shape. There is so much room out there it could never all be fished. Its just crazy how every season is so much different when it comes to mother nature. With a month of walleye fishing left I have no idea where the time has gone. Man a’m I having fun this year.
I met Orion, Mike, Mike and Rodger at hillmens right on time at 9 am. After getting there road passes and bait we were off to check them into florida. They were up to 3 and 2 lost at the hole the first time I checked in on them. I spent a little time in Minnesota detailing. But Chuck left it so nice all I had to do was auger three more holes the only problem with that the auger was it was at home. I also had a few things to add into Montana. Then it was off to shore to have lunch, switch trucks and move Montana while I waited for Bob and Terry to call. I decided to grab a bite at westwind and had there toco salad Very good and hit the spot. Just as I finished Bob called and they had arrived so back to hillmens with the red baron. I should of stopped at home and switched trucks as when I got out there I still did not have the auger to finish the three holes in Minnesota. OOPs we all make mistakes. I guess I should just figure out why auger number two will not stay running and have a auger in both trucks. Auger # 3 is in the cites getting some work on it. Once Bob and Terry were checked in I came home and got blue thunder for her journey to no mans land. Montana is now out over 6 miles. Now I will really be able to watch the gas gauge go down. I think the red baron gets 3 to 5 miles to the gallon. Heading back in I stopped to talk to Buddy Hillmen. He mentioned I need to make my road straight north and not north west like I had on my first road to the north. Now I have two roads to maintain running northwest OOPS again. I thought a northwest road was perfect when we get a wicked northwest wind. Buddy knows what he likes and I have no problem cutting in a new north road as its fun cutting through the snow in the red baron.
Bob and Terry are not doing very well and had only landed 3 fish as of 8pm last night It never gets better the third night. Orion and the guys have did much better and that’s in florida where Leroy and his family struggled? They were eating some fish when I stopped in. I think they had caught about 20 fish total in the 12 hours they had been here. I will move both today if they want but again I have decided to stay in the fishy area as its still producing fish. There’ s a chance I may have to auger 30 holes today. Where is a young buck when you need one. I need to teach my grand daughter Ashly how to auger as she is a worker and I could have her come up and help me and finish the school year up here. I wonder what the honey bunny thinks of that. I will be busy on the lake again all day and already itching to get out there

Hitting the lake yesterday morning I could feel it being another grand day on such a grand lake. After visiting with James and Amanda as they were packing they had a terrific time and will be coming back again. I think they were only taking home 3 fish. They caught a bout a dozen over night with a few big ones in the mix. Chuck just keeps catching fish. On average 1 a hour. He has been in old Minnesota for three nights. He did get checked by the dnr yesterday, they did not stop and talk to me must of new I was cleaning. Leroy, Sis, Hanna, Colten and Ashly they did not have the greatest fishing even after moving them. They did take home 9 fish and we ate 5 when we had fish toco’s. They also said they will be back and sis wants to have a girls getaway weekend.
I then spent part of the day fishing in Montana while I detailed it for Andy and his crew arriving Friday. Montana is getting ready for a 4 to 5 mile trip to a new location. They have requested a certain spot and I think I can get there with out any problems. Lets just hope I do not end up on some ones waypoint or spot that they are going to. Its only one house for now. For one weekend and we will see what pans out. I did miss two fish while detailing Montana and landed a nice 16 1/2 on a chubby Darter. Them lures are a blast to fish with as the fish just smack them . I would of never got that fish with out the vex though. I released him to fight another day. Minnesota stays where it is for at least one more night and maybe two ,depending on how Bob and Terry do. They are retired photographers and spent 25 years living in yellowstone taking pics of the wild life and following the wolfs for years. I’lll post his website when I get it from him as its well worth looking at. Orian and his crew roll in around 9am for florida.It will be interesting to see how they do the first 24 hours after Leroy and his family did not do that well. I will move them tomorrow if need be. I still have not decided what to do with North Carolina and need to decide today for sure as It will be moved, even though it was only fished one night.
This morning I have a chore. I need to pick up all the tools I have used this winter. I have been putting them on the floor of the garage after using them to see what I use through out the season. There are more on the floor of the garage then in the tool boxes. Blue thunder and the red Baron are in good shape at this time Knock on wood. They are about to get another work out though as I move Montana to its new location. I did feel a little miss in the red baron but I think it s fine. Still feeling out blue thunder but as of now she has a good 100 years in her as a lake truck. I need to add a steering wheel rap asap though. Getting ready to have a grand day on a grand lake


Another fun filled day. Checking in on Leroy, Sis and the kids they only had a couple in the bucket. Josh and Ray were pulling out and said the fishing was great until the wind switched out of the east around 6 pm. They had been on the spot for a third night? The third night hardly ever gets better for my house’s?
My next stop was old Minnesota with chuck and he was in there for the third night on that spot.. He commented how nice the table was set up. He had done real well and was about 100 yards from Josh and Ray that blamed the wind. I had told Chuck I had no problem moving house on such a nice day and he agreed I should move it. After prepping two spots with the red baron. I went home to get my fish house moving machine Blue Thunder Two. I then met Leroy back at florida to Point! him and Zack in the right direction on there quest to find a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Moving Minnesota went like a breeze and I only had to auger 3 holes for Chuck. Sweet! Three less holes of the hundreds I will have augered this year. Then the fun began as the girls in florida would be riding in florida as I glided it on to a new spot. Again every thing went like a well oiled machine and I’am so thankfull for that. Blue thunder 2 is living up to its name and has the soul of blue thunder 1 in her.” Plus a Few Parts”
Finishing up floridas move with 8 more holes punched I was done for the day. Coming off the lake at sunset time I moved both house in 3 hours. I think I may be getting a little older as I thought I could do it in 2. Oh well.
Kellie” The Hammer” her new nick name until she sees this anyway.! and I headed back out on to the lake a hour later to have fish. Fish toco’s with sis Leroy and the kids. They were delicious. Cloleslaw mixed with sour cream, a dash of lime and hotsauce all mixed together on a soft shell. Very good and will try and perfect it for the hammer and I.
Amanda and James were in Montana and only had three fish when I stopped in on them. They may have caught a couple two big I do not remember as again I was tired from a full belly and another day in all that fresh air. Chuck was doing real well in old Minnesota and may stay another day. Today is a big day as Montana gets prepped for a 4 to 5 mile move. I have to cross 4 cracks as you can not take the houses over the bridges. Florida and old Minnesota will stay put for the day and have not made a decision on what to do with north carolina

The day started off a little nasty with a stong wind out of the northwest. The weather man said it was going to be nice. It did settle down around 1 and we had a rare sighting of the sun. I got out on the lake to say good bye to everyone and start prepping for all four houses to be turned over. After saying good by to Boar and fawkinnae I headed back to my shacks to get to work. I detailed Minnesota and decided since Berry and Bill Landed so many fish I would leave it here for Chuck and his wife. I then skadaddled over to florida to take a quick ride on jakes razor. What a riot. I stopped at Montana and had Nolyn grab his gloves and took him for a ride with me. Man do I want one of those. I bet I had a smile ear to ear as I raced around FUN! FUN! FUN! I then said my goodbyes as I still had a big work load but what a way to start the day. The guys in north Carolina were packing up and going home with 9 fish. That was nice to see. I then procceded to clean and move Montana before Larry arrived at noon. I then moved north Carolina before Mark rolled in with his family. I had untill 4 to get florida prepped and it would also be fished one more day where is at. Josh and Ray are right behind me and doing well in there grey wolf fish house. Wow what a nice fish house. After I prepped a area for Montana. I got Montana detailed ,moved, banked, augered I headed over to north Carolina to prep for moving. Chuck called and had arrived. I headed to shore to meet him and escort him out to the house. I checked him in and finished moving and prepping north Carolina. I also had to switch up the 100 lber propane. In between all this I made about 8 passes up and down Buddy Hillmens road throwing the snow to the south. I briefly met Boar to say good bye and then headed out 6 miles to check on Pat,Todd Ryan and Chris. I had them set up through buddy hillmens houses as I was full. I plowed all 4 miles out to the end of the road and plowed on the way back again throwing snow to the south. There was more then one spot where you could see someone tried to drive over the berm from the south with no success. After visiting pat and the boys I headed back to shore to meet Mark and escort them to north Carolina. Leroy, Sis and the kids for florida also arrived around four and met me on the lake. I came home just as it got dark ate dinner and fell a sleep. I have to apologize to Chuck in Minnesota and Mark in north Dakota as the generator ran out of gas around 8 pm. I was so busy I had forgotten to fill it up before I left the laks. The phone rang about 8 :30 and the generator for florida also ran out of gas. I never checked it as I added on the berg system and thought there was still plenty of gas in the tank. Once I got out there and fired florida back up I visited for a bit and Sis missed three bites. Zack finely got him or her a nice 20 inch walleye. After visiting with them it was kinda late and I never got to check in on Chuck or Mark and his family I again apologize as my serviced slipped a bit yesterday as I just got plain wore out. When I arrived home a stepped in the cabin to say good night To Peng, Yee, Seng and Jerry? They found a good spot and also did real well all by them selfs. Peng had no luck retrieving his ring and the triangle got it. I’m all rested now and will be moving Minnesota and florida if need be today

The old weather man had a swing and a miss. 2 to 4 inches of snow turned into less then half a inch. We did get a strong wind out of the south east followed by a strong wind and flurries from the north west that caused quite a bit of drifting around fish houses and vechicles. Driving out to have lunch with Boar and fawkinnae yesterday there was three wheel houses set up to the south of Buddy’s road. They must of came out of westwind . Right in the middle of there set up was a car? A car? I know for a fact there is no road there so I have no clue how he got there other then following the tracks of the three wheel houses. With all the winds he will have a interesting trip back to shore. Lunch was a bust as the guys changed it to 3 pm. Buddy Hillmen pulled out two trucks from the berm to the south of his road yesterday. He also pulled out two trucks that tried to cross by the pressure ridge that also came out of westwinds. Hillmen’s charge 10 dollars a day to use there road. Stop in, get the latest info and pay the 10 bucks.
Kellie and I had dinner with Bill and Berry last night in old Minnesota ,a chuck roast with potatoes and onions and carrots umm ummm good. Reminded me of a offer I made years ago. When you arrive a roast will be waiting in the oven. I will add the potatoes, onions and carrots before you arrive so dinner will be served apon your arrival. If any one is interested in this give me a shout and we can make arrangements . Jake suggested I sell my home made pizza’s but they take a hour to make and I make a mess in the process so that was a bad idea.
Bill and berry figured they caught 28 fish so far with atleast that many misses. The house is rented today so the plan is to leave it there one more day before I move it as Chuck and his wife arrive at noon. Dale and Nolen have done all right in Montana .Larry will be here with two kids and another buddy and the plan is to have it on fresh ice before they arrive at noon. Sis and Leroy pull in at 4 for florida. Jake, Ryann and Gavin pull out at 10am. When I stopped last night they had a sink full of fish. Jake brought up a Polaris razor that I plan on taking it for a spin before they load it on the trailer . I have driven one before and if I was going to buy a wheeler that’s what I would buy its basically a dune buggy and every boy wanted a dune buggy when they were a kid. Matt, Ryan and Eric were in North Carolina and had the worst fishing of the four houses. I offered to move them yesterday but they were fine so they must of had some action .I know they were two shy of there 9 when I stooped in last night. Mark and his family roll in around 1 for North Carolina so that will be put on fresh ice also. I have another busy day and I’m loving it. Today is going to be a picture perfect day so we will see how the weather man does with that one. Marlo found a good bite further out so I need to check that area before he leaves. fawkinnae and Boar also did real well and I have my eye on that

Every thing went smooth as slick yesterday. Checked in all the customers and working on the names. Spent some time with Berry and Bill this morning . They caught some fish and last night gave me a half dozen chocolate chip cookies with wallnuts. My favorit cookie? Jake, Ryan and Gavin have also have caught some fish. There timing is off as they arrived around 4am at hillmens and checked in at 8am. When I stopped by right before dark they were sleeping like babies. This morning two of three were sleeping wonder if it had any thing to do with the rattle wheels. Stopped in to Montana to check in on Dale and Nolen and we shared some fishing stories.
They also have had action. I think it was Nolen’s first walleye through the ice but I may be wrong. I know the story he told us he lost a 10 lber. summer fishing. The guys in north Carolina are a little cramped as it is a 2 man sleeper. They are making it work and were having a grand time on a grand lake last night. I think it was ryan feeling no pain. I offered to move the house today but they said every thing was cool and are content. Sweet, The snow missed us, sweet again. The bad news. I had one of three generators crash. 450 bones to repair a 650 dollar unit. sHe had a tough life and lasted 8 years. There goes half the bankroll as I need a third unit as a back up. Heading out to have lunch with a couple of wheel houses I set up. Any guess what were having? Fresh walleye never frozen. Gotta go its lunch time

Well I was right I had a grand day on a grand lake yesterday.
We had both the red baron and blue thunder on the lake all day. One project was moving about a 100 yards stretch of snow from the north side of buddy hillmens road to the south. Working both trucks it took about 2 hours and two tanks of gas as the trucks got a good work out. I think Marty enjoyed throwing the snow with the red baron but said he still has to get use to it. We then got Minnesota moved and setup as Tom and Bill arrived right on time at 2pm as I was just finishing augering the holes. After getting them checked in I stopped to see gene and sue they were up to four and had released a couple to big. Gene called me a hour later and said they had there 6 and were headed home to bauddett. I also got north Carolina out of its spot and will be prepping that house this morning. Jake arrives at 8am for florida I have left it where it was as it has only been fished by Sue and Gene during the day and Trevor’s crew less the 24 hours last Saturday/sunday. If need be I can always move it for them tomorrow. Montana has been fished a little bit more with Marty staying out there the last couple of nights. Wendesday night the rattle wheel kept him up until four when he finaly said enough and reeled them in. A very good problem to have. Marty leaves today and I enjoyed working with him and I think he also enjoyed working on the lake. We have 2 to 4 inches of snow coming this weekend , kinda bad timing as it will cause a lot of drifting around the vechicles and houses. Darn that mother nature who does she think she is. The Boss
Remember if you go out of hillmens try to set up at least 50 yards off the main hwy if not further as the snow will drift across the hwy if your set up to close. The bridges have been moved and again go over them slow. there is plenty of room to the north of Hillmen’s Hwy spread out and enjoy the weekend. If ya want a spot plowed wave down a plow truck and they should be able to punch you a spot. Good luck this weekend , only take what you need and help keep a grand lake a grand lake

Yesterday morning detailing Florida the lake was rumbling from the warm up. A balmy 28 as I type this. I had plenty to do on shore and no need to go out further I assume the bridges were ok as Buddy Hillmen never called me. We had a great day working on blue thunder and the red baron. I now have much needed plow lights on the red baron. Blue thunder has break lights and still needs tail lights. I thought I bought some quite some time ago and I could not find them.I also changed the oil on the red baron. Heading out shortly to wet a line as I wait for Gene and Sue to call. It sure is nice having Marty helping me with a few projects as when it comes to wiring I have no clue. Marty had caught 8 when I checked in yesterday morning . While I was working in Florida around 10 am he had a flurry where he caught 5 .I had two lines down in Florida and never got a bite that I saw. When I checked my ratting flyer the minnow was gone but I guess I could of jigged it off. I have to dig out Minnesota and north Carolina today as it just did not work out yesterday. I have a spot all picked out and as far as I’m concerned its still a fishy area and I have not ruined it yet. Bill and his buddy arrive for Minnesota around 2. Sue and Gene are from low and are just down for the day into the early evening. Were full tomorrow except the cabin is not being used until Saturday. I will take a quick trip out to the pressure ridge after light to see how bridges are. Remember to drive slow over them there is plenty of ice on each side of the crack so driving fast has no barring on making it across. With the 3 day weekend, nice weather, and the limit going to two fish on the 23rd my money is it is going to be one crazy weekend up here as the lake is going to get pounded. I expect westwind will be hopping. Don’t forget to stop at tall tavern/hillmens they have set ups bring your own bottle and 3 2 beer, plus they serve frozen pizza. They will have the football games on sunday on there big screen tv. Gotta hit the lake have a grand day as I plan to have a grand day as a local Dave use to say Its a GRAND LAKE! A GRAND LAKE! it owes me nothing,nothing