july 11th 2017

Another Big Bog festival is in the books. A few highlights. The pot luck was again a small turn out? They then had a presentation at the park where they had three raptors two hawks and a small owl. that was pretty cool.
The mud run had a side by side that was 300 hp with nitro. Wow did that thing scoot.
Sundays church in the park had a good turn out with David playing his saw followed by wild rice pancakes.
I did wet a line sunday morning in one of my go to spot where I missed 3 and managed to land just on small walleye.
Rays sons caught a 45 inch pike. I ask if they were targeting pike and he said they were just fishing
Saturday the winds kept most of the fishermen away but I did see a guy with a few walking into the fish cleaning shack at westwind .
Our web site seems to be down ? I will have the hammer check on that later tonight. I may wet a line Thursday if things work out . My tree trimmers are coming up Friday and plan on doing a little fishing

july 6th 2017

To my surprise I have ben hearing some good fishing reports.
Jonny ,Ashly and myself got out Sunday morning. We headed out to deeper water right away where we ended up keeping 5 and missing a few ,plus a couple throwbacks.
Monday Devon and Jonny took the boat out and hit the same spot where they got 7 keepers in a couple hours.
A few fishermen Ii talked to said they did well in 8 feet of water and I even heard of some fish caught in 4 feet of water.
This weekend is the big bog festival. Some of the high lights will be pot luck in the park Friday evening at 5;30pm
Saturday and sunday softball tournament, The atv mud run is at 3 and has become a huge turnout everyear. Westwind will be hosting a outdoor dance Saturday evening.
Sunday morning is out door church service at homestead park at 9am followed up with wild rice pancakes.
My guys canceled for the weekend so I may get out and wet a line if mother nature cooperates

June 29th 2017

I still have not heard any good fishing reports. yesterday was rain rain rain.
Its beautiful out there this morning .I’m hoping the wind lays down for a few days so we can find a few fish this weekend.
Starting to see a few more skitters but nothing like it can be. I expect that will change after today.
Were looking forward to some of the kids coming up this weekend .Should be fun fun fun.

June 27th 2017

Stupid weather, This global warming?
Anyways Randy, Nick and Richard were here Friday, Saturday and did not do so well. The winds were a factor with a strong wind out of the west Friday and a strong nw wind Saturday. I suggested they go launch at beacon harbor and they could possibly get out of the 4 foot rollers. The fishing was horrible with a couple sheephead landed and one scuffit walleye.
I had talked to Ray and Jim on Thursday and they said the fishing was real good.
I guess I’m not sure what happens to the bite when the wind stirs up the lake. Are the fish full from stacking up on the windblown side? Or do they just not see your bait when it get stirred up? I’ve caught fish trolling along the break in 3 foot waves? Trolling after the water get way stirred up I have caught a couple over the years but is that because the bait went right by there nose?
The kids are coming up this weekend as were going to re stucco the small cabin and paint. The plan is to get out and do a little fishing.
The wife said some guys came in the store the other day and had did real well on island lake. So That’s always a option if the wind is blowing.
Other then family coming up the cabins are wide open the rest of the summer.

june 22nd 2017

I have the boat out of the water for some maintenance so I have not been on the lake. Ken and his daughters arrived last Saturday and the bite has gotten a little better everyday as the water slowly clears up. Saw Mearl at the gas station and he said he always catches fish so sounds like he is getting some action.
The access was pretty busy Tuesday so there’s still fishermen showing up on the nicer days. I’ll try and say hi and talk to a few today at the access while I’m mowing the park.
The plan is to try and get out and do a little fishing with the hammer this weekend if the stupid water cooperates as I’m craving a fresh walleye dinner.

To me it seems like it been a cool summer so far.
I’m going to check some blueberry patches this morning as my goal is to jar at least 12 pints if not more this year.
Saw a bear coming home for golf Tuesday and that’s always cool.
The upper red lake association is looking for new members. Businesses are 50 a year. You get your business on there web site listed and a news letter.

june 21rst 2017

With much needed rain and talking to a few fishermen the word was slow. The lake looks like chocolate milk. She is howling out of the west right now and I expect it will take a couple days for the bite to get better when the winds lye down.
I did talk to a gentlemen at the gas station that said it has been tough . I also talked to 3 guys fishing the river peer and they said they had picked up a couple small ones.
I spent the morning changing the oil in the boat getting it ready for fathers day weekend.
I shot a 44 in golf league Tuesday and a 51 last night, Stupid game. The hammer is reading a golfing book and is planning on taking up the game with me. She lives up to her name she may be beating me in no time

june 14th 2017

Talk to a few fishermen yesterday that came into the store North Country food and Fuel where the hammer works. They were all getting minnows as a otter has raided every ones minnow buckets at the state park. Sounded like the fishing was a little slow as one guy said the 4 of them only got 6.
Ed the farmer I golf with got out yesterday morning and they got there 8 in less then 3 hours and were able to get off the lake before the much needed rain hit. I got to see a huge snapper turtle crossing number 16 fairway at castle highlands golf course in turtle river yesterday. So cool. I did try turtle once and I remember it being kinda tough?

June 13th 2017

Not a whole lot to report today. Earl and his crew canceled due to the weather. Ken and his family will be up for father day weekend.
Paul and Pete were up last weekend and did real well Thursday and Friday, Saturday the wind picked up and pushed them off the lake. They grabbed there lawn chairs and went down to the lake where they relaxed, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breeze off the lake. Paul is heading to New Zealand next week but said he wants to come up again this summer. Saturday night they enjoyed a small camp fire and fish fry before heading home sunday

june 19th 2017

I’ve decided to try and write a little more through out the summer with a few fishing reports.
Earl, Joe, Terry and Leon came up Tuesday and Wednesday and stayed in our little green cabin. I suggested running spinners? They came back Tuesday evening with 12 and had a fish fry. Purple was the hot color? Joe had a few spinners he had painted purple and they were hot ticket.
Wednesday they also fished and were able to all go home with there four fish. Real nice guys and they want to come back up and camp down by the lake.
Ken and his daughter Makenzie were here from Saturday un tell Thursday of this week in the grey cabin. Ken likes trolling cranks and had plenty of action. They also went home with 8 fish. Ken said they ate 15 throught out the week.
Paul and Pete arrived Thursday eve, and did real well. Paul said yesterday was a little bit slower.
My brother Warren buys a 1/4 beef and half a hog from the farmer Gary I help off and on. We got out last Friday eve, after I got home from work at the golf course.
Running spinners a I had 4 fish in the box and it was to funny as all Warren had was a dozen misses. Once he switched to a stiffer fishing rod he caught up real quick.
Saturday morning we decided to get out early as the winds were going to pick up. Going right to the area we fished the night before. It did not take long to start catching fish again. Its always a treat taking Warren fishing.
He does not care for my music selection though? He is a hevey metal singer in three bands out of Chicago. Heven and Hell,, David Spankle group and Dameon thorn. He is pumpped as this summer they are opening in front of 50,000 in Milwaukie.
We ended up only keeping two over 17 and got off the lake just as the winds started to pick up. I treated him to a fish fry for lunch as the hammer had went down to her sisters for the weekend..

june 1rst

Been a while since I put a fishing report on here, We have had a few guest over the last few weeks. Frank and his crew did well and were able to have there two traditional fish fry and fish boil both weekends. I had the family up last weekend and the fishing was outstanding for us. The access has been a busy place on the nicer days.
From everyone I have talked to all aspects of fishing have been working Trolling spinners, bobber s jigging and pulling cranks all have produced fish in 5 to 7 feet of water.
Its been a cool spring but today there thinking 8o degrees.