Day 56 Feb 12, 2009

Things have not went so well with blue thunder as we tried to install the transfer case outside in the rain it turned out we had a transfer case fro a automatic not a manual. Oops. 
Not all was lost as we have another coming A little expensive but what do you do. 
Yesterday we spent the day moving houses with the red barn and it went really well. The system my cousin Pete and mentor taught me worked well. We should have all the houses on fresh spots for the up and coming weekend.
Ed, Bruce and Ken went home with 8 keepers and really enjoyed their stay in
Florida. Rob, Bob and Bobby were in Idaho and we moved them yesterday to see if they could have a little better fishing. Talk to Derrick and Jake and I suggested to them to try an unfished area as they had a sled. Jake called to thank me as he said they landed 80 walleyes yesterday? Of course when I ask where they fished it was a secret. What’s up with that I gave them the clue, Oh well they must be planning on coming back. Time to get to work. Still looking for fishermen for our crappie hunt.

Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:40 pm

Here are some of the details. Saturday the 21rst of March we will be hitting the lake looking for the mother load. I plan on having most of our houses still on the lake depending on Mother Nature. 30 dollars a night will cover a bed. We plan on fishing and being mobile all day into the evening on Saturday. We will be serving up Duluth‘s famous Coney’s at some point during the day. Once we have an idea we will order up the food. Westwind, Bearpaw and Agassiz may also have lodging on or off the ice. I also know of a few other cabins. The 30 dollars per person is for my houses and cabin. Who knows you might even catch a crappie or two out of a house. It has been known to happen. It should be a great get together and I will be giving away a day of guided fishing out of our 20 foot tyee this summer. The Greek says he will also take some one fishing in Alaska in his boat if you happen to be in the neighbor hood. I believe we will catch some crappies as we pepper the lake. 
We will see if we come up with any other gifts to give away but wanted to get this rolling to see how much interest there may be. 

Feb 09, 2009 7:03 am

Rereading my post the fishing was a little better then that there were some fish caught that were to big and two small. There were also some line snappers and a 33 pike landed. They also marked fish that would not bite. I have not seen a skinny walleye all winter they sure look like they’re feeding good and maybe that has something to do with all the lookers or sniffers. 
I made some calls and have a transfer case coming up this morning as long as I did not damage the driveshafts we hope to have her back on the ice by this evening. I still never found a parts truck. It sure would have come in handy right now. 
I also got from a very reliable fishermen and friend that he landed 8 crappies Saturday night. It was an area I had my eye on earlier in the season. There has also been some good walleye fishing close to shore. An old timer I met last Thursday that does not fish anymore said if he was fishing he would be in 7 feet of water. Very interesting.

Day 53 Feb 09, 2009 6:41 am

We will start with the fishing report and get to the oh oh at the end. Friday was the best fishing of the weekend. Not sure why. Marty and his crew were in Alaska and had a few bites a few misses and a couple of keepers. They were always playing cards and never went fishing early they did catch a crappie the second day. 
Travis and crew were in closest to shore in
Utah and California. They got 7 keepers in one house and 4 in the other. When I stopped in Friday night they were having one heck of a party and the beer was going down real good. I did make a mistake and they ran out of propane Friday night. I guess it happens and I sure felt bad. They also tore the area up with a wheeler and a big ford diesel not sure how that effected the fishing but they were having a good time and that’s what matters. 
Dave and Tammy were in
New York our day house and got a crappie right away when they arrived Saturday. I think they only caught 4 fish but also missed a few. 
Montana got 8 keepers; Florida got 5 keepers and a crappie. I felt bad for Don as he has had some great fishing with me in the past. We also had Ryan’s house and it landed 11 keepers a crappie and missed plenty of bites. Old Minnesota had Wayne, Dave and Kelsey. They got 4 keepers missed some bites and had one heck of a WE fest. I managed to get in some bowling, tennis and golf. 
Idaho had 6 keepers and this is where the oh oh comes into play. I headed out yesterday to plow some new areas and move Idaho and Florida closer to the fishy area. Blue thunder was having a heck of a time and I felt something was not working right the second time I got stuck? After a big bang I though oh oh that sounded like the driveshaft but louder. When I got out of the truck and peeked under there were transfer case parts everywhere. Bummer I totally destroyed it. Anyone out there want a souvenir of blue thunder I have about 20 pieces.

Day 51 Feb 07, 2009

Hey Bill plans are set in motion. March 21 works on my end and I to will give away a day of fishing in my boat here on upper red lake. I should have most of the houses still on the lake plus the cabin that give us about 30 beds including the doubles. I will go 30 dollars a man per night for a place to stay. Depending on the lake conditions I should have the houses out far enough that a crappie or two may also be caught out of the houses. Travis has already committed to California and I will have to pencil Jake in a shack. Should be a great time. I did see two crappies caught last night one a bout 3 miles out the other just over 4 so there still out there you just need a army to find them. Maybe I can get Tyler from Bearpaw to step up and give away a day of fishing also, plus he loves chasing upper red lake crappies and is a drilling machine. 
If anyone is interested give me a call and we will pencil you in. There will be free Coneys as we search for the mother load.

Day 50 Feb 06, 2009

Looking at the other web sites it looks like it’s not be but the fish. I always feel so bad when our fishermen do not do well. 
Kellie says its fishing and I’m too hard on myself? 
I can not dilly dally today as I have a ton of work to get done. At least 40 holes to auger and I still need to move
Minnesota 3 miles out next to Idaho. Utah needs to be banked and all the houses need the propane checked. Nothing like loading up a couple of 100 pound propanes in the truck to get the morning started. 
With the temps at 27 this morning it will feel like spring. 
I have seen enough crappies caught this year that we are thinking about having some type of get together in march. With the red baron cutting a trail it will be a fun weekend looking for the mother load. We will get a hold of the Coney king and serve up Coneys as we pepper the lake. More details will follow as the plans are set in motion.

Day 49 Feb 05, 2009

I hate to say but it has been on the slow side. Dan, Rob and Jeremy took off yesterday morning. Kirk, Joe and Bob were here one more night. They have consistently marked fish with very few caught. I did see Joe walk out of Idaho with a fish so I thought that was a good sign. 
I’m still waiting for the red baron and blue thunder blew a lower radiator hose and broke a plow spring. I have the hose and will be installing that a little later this morning.
Montana is on a new spot, California is on a new spot Alaska is on a new spot, I will keep plugging away to get the other houses moved today and tomorrow. Having the red baron back sure would make it easier and I’m not sure how I managed with out it in the past. 
Let’s hope the bite picked up a bit last night and gets better all weekend.

Day 47 Feb 03, 2009

Hey Duayne it was nice having your group and meeting your wife. I was really hoping they would tag into a big fish when you guys were fishing the portable. Not sure where the houses will be in two weeks as I’m still looking for great fishing instead of good fishing. 
I’m still waiting for the call from the tranny guy working on the red baron. Yesterday was another cold day and it is -17 as I type. I dug
Montana out and took that out by Idaho, Florida, and New York. The fishing was a slow for Kirk and Joe but they are marking fish that are hugging the bottom. John, Rob and Jeremy are fishing next to Kirk and are having the same problem. A good fishy area with tight lipped fish. I can not believe a crappie has not been caught there as we have caught perch, walleye and pike. I will be dropping a line with them this morning before I go to work on the lake. 
Some guys were out of at the end of
Agassiz road and said they caught 42 walleyes in less then 24 hours. You can bet Jeff will be putting a house close to that spot. 3 crappies were caught right next to one of his houses but he said I could not put a house there? What’s up with that? 
Westwind was busy yesterday moving houses and it was kinda funny as I was taking a house out 5 miles they were going the other way? It’s sure nice to see other outfitters or resorts doing there best. It also gives me a good clue that there not pounding them which means it’s just not me. In the other direction I really do not see what’s happening. I can only guess that they have good fishing as that’s where I have had some great fishing. With less then 3 weeks of open walleye fishing I will be again scouting to the north for the crappie mother load. There is so much area out there that has not seen a hole auger and it’s unbelievable. Sounds like Ole may be coming up today and picking up some springs for blue thunders Boss plow. I had Tony boy move some snow and one of the springs broke. 
The auger needs some attention today so I will work on that until it warms up a bit after I go wet a line with Kirk and Joe. Tony went down to the cities for a week so I’m on my own this week. I have become spoiled with the help but as I get older I have no choice if I want to keep moving houses the way I do. 
I hope to add a few more houses to the fleet next year but we will see. If you’re not dreaming you’re not living.

Day 46 Feb 02, 2009

Spent some time talking to my son Joe yesterday. We got talking about some of the lake politics and what really goes on up here that I can not write about or choose not to. He suggested I write what ever I want on my web site since I have full control over it? I told Joe he should not put these kinds of ideas in my head. All though it would be fun I still think it would be a horrible idea and not benefit me in any way. In fact it may get me in to some trouble with plenty of dirty looks and I get enough of them all ready. 
I ‘am thinking about writing a tell all book that the kids can publish years down the road, the names would have to be changed to protect the guilty. Living here and being on the lake I see it all the good the bad and the ugly. I have some emails that are hard to believe and could also so put them in there. For now I will concentrate on taking care of my customers old and new and making sure they have an enjoyable time.

Day 45 Feb 01, 2009

Wow it’s hard to believe that many days have gone by that I have worked on the lake. 
Today was cleaning day and meeting Kirk and Joe as they are here for a couple of days. They started off today in
Florida and we will see how they do. 
John, Jeremy and Rob are watching the Super Bowl and fishing in
Idaho and Bob and his crew are fishing in Alaska. 
The fishing was not too bad this weekend with everyone catching a fish or two or three. 
Minnesota had Dwayne his wife Sue there friends Deb and Dan and they had a hoot. The girls were new to ice fishing and want to come back next year. They were a very fun group to visit with as they were all a bout having a good time. They left the house in perfect shape as well as all of the other customers this week. Sure made it easier for me to clean things up and believe me I really appreciate it. 
Tom was here again with his brothers. Tom always seems so relaxed he is a MPLS police officer and on the bomb squad. They sure are a nice group of guys; they also had a fish fry while they were here. Not sure how many fish they caught as I missed them when they left this morning. 
Montana had caught 14 the night before Steve, Scott and Scott’s son arrived so I had high hopes. I also told them I would put the house on a fresh spot if the fishing was slow by Saturday. We moved Montana for them on Saturday and they managed to catch a few. 
Luke and Brad fished
New York and got 5 keepers. 
Utah was a no show and not sure what was up with that. California had Al and his buddy they caught a few and headed home way early this morning. 
All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I will be moving houses starting tomorrow as I can not stand having the houses on the same spots. I sure like the area I have
Florida, New York and Idaho and need the red baron home so I can cut a trail. 
Utah is at the end of the road nine miles out right on the edge of the reservation line. A few crappies have been caught out there but not what I was hoping for. I will stay focused on walleyes with the bonus crappie for now. 
After 46 days I am a little worn out and need a good day of rest. Making the rounds in the evening can take up to three hours sometimes and really stretches out the day. Mother Nature will throw a wrench in things if I let my guard down so I will try and stay on top of things as I never run out of things to do.