December 25, 2008

Our fishing adventure went pretty well. My granddaughter Ashley caught 5 walleyes with two under 17. Cory caught 1 and lost one, Jason caught two over 18 and Kyle got skunked. He must take after his grandpa, although I did catch a fish. The second one I handed the rod to Kyle but he lost it. The kids were well behaved for the most part and will be trying it again today. Ashley used one of the rattle wheels with a pink frosty. We fished about two hours so I would say the fishing was pretty good it started off slow until the sun went down then we had a nice flurry. Gotta go they are all up and ready to open presents.

December 24, 2008

Just came off the lake and it a little lonely out there. We will be going to cut a down a xmas tree a little later and then we will be taking 4 of the grand kids fishing in old Minnesota. I hope there biting as the kids lose there interest quick. We can put a movie in for them and let them play with the minnows I guess.
With Phil here I have made a to do list to keep him busy.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

December 23, 2008

With Xmas right around the corner it has been a little quiet here on the lake. My plans are to move all the houses by the weekend to a new location. I will also be taking all the grand kids fishing not the first time. Phil will be helping me. We also have plenty of little projects to keep us busy here. I hate to talk much about the trucks red baron and blue thunder. I had to replace the blower motor in blue thunder today and top off the transfer case. The red baron also has some maintenance issue I need to tackle before we put the plough on. The little red truck that could needs a tune up all of a sudden.
The generator needs the oil changed. It also seems every time I go outside I have to shovel snow or plough snow.

Day Five, December 21, 2008

Well day five on the lake I believe. We had a nice little snow and wind storm yesterday afternoon about the time Jake and I went out of Hillmen’s looking for some fish. Oh well next time.
I did move California for frank and the boys. Frank and Danny AKA little buddy rode in the house while I towed it. We got them set up and they all had a great time. Frank said they caught a total of 23 fish after I moved them. Montana was the slowest house and not sure if they ended up with 4 limits or not. Florida had 8 yesterday and 1 crappie. Old Minnesota got there 6 and released quite a few. Utah did real well Friday night and had thier 9 by 11am on Saturday.
Adam and the guys went to a spot I recommended. They headed out Saturday morning and were back by 3pm with there 12.
Today they were going to check out the center bar for a couple of hours before they headed home.
Jake is spending the night on the lake and I ‘m ready to hit the sack. I was out fishing with him for a bit and we released 5 walleyes all under 17 inches. It’s a nice fishy area and I will be bringing all the sleepers around that area in the next few days.

December 20, 2008

Yesterday was our first day with a full house.
Everyone was catching a couple of keepers and missing a few fish. Frank, Danny and Swaggs all missed a fish while I was augering two extra holes in California. The beer was going down and getting spilled to boot.
Barb and Pat are in Minnesota and in total relaxation mode. I spent a 1/2 hour or so visiting and they are very nice people.
Frank and his crew have three houses and Swaggs was up to 22 beers when I stopped in. That’s about 21 too many beers for me. Little Buddy aka Danny wants me to post a pic of him with his fish. I guess he thinks he will become famous? He has to catch one first
Adam, John and Ed rolled in around 10 last night so I will not know how they did until later today.
I will be moving California later today as Frank and his crew all want to be closer today and tonight for there card game.

December 18, 2008

Today was another busy day. I had to pick the Red Baron up as I had the lock outs rebuilt and a cooling sensor had gone out. I then packed up a few things and took Utah out to a secret spot. Again it was a busy day but all five sleepers Old Minnesota, Montana, Florida, California and Utah are ready to go. Frank and his crew will be arriving around 10 am with Barb and her husband pulling in around 2 pm. Then it will be a late night when Adam and his crew roll in around 10 pm. I also would like to get both of our day houses New York and Colorado on the lake Saturday. Still not sure about bringing out Alaska but I have a feeling it will be on the lake sometime after Jan.1rst. It was quite busy out there today as rentals were going out on the lake most of the day.
I will have a great fishing report this weekend as we host close to 30 fishermen over the weekend. Let the fun begin.

December 18, 2008

Besides the fishing I have done yesterday was the first day I spent the entire day on the lake and it sure felt good to be back. All three of the deluxe houses are blocked, banked and ready to auger for the up and coming weekend. Utah will also be going out today as I spend another entire day on the lake. Of course I had 1 hiccup as the heater in one of the houses quit working. I had tested it out on shore with no problems running it for two days as I cleaned and repaired a few things. When I pulled it out of the woods it set out on the lake in the snow storm and ran like a champ?
Kellie and I may have dinner in old Minnesota tonight to kick off the season. It’s her favorite house and also mine. We have all 5 sleepers rented for the weekend which is good news for our pocket books.
The Red Baron is at the shop waiting to be picked up. New lock outs were in order as well as a cooling sensor and new battery.
Ouch but that is the nature of the beast. Blue thunder performed well and I even did a little cross country drive to Westwind road looking for the gas man when the furnace went out.
I have committed to going out of Agassiz again this year as he is willing to go to the north shore if need be. I tried to make arrangements to go out of Hillmens but they seem to have plenty of business and do not need me. I do miss Westwind and they are the premier resort here and run a first class operation.
Jeff from Agassiz is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He built a wood shop this fall and is selling some tables, fish measuring boards, picture frames and other unique pieces of wood. We bought a picnic table from him last year and will more then likely get another for our guest when there staying here in the summer. They are one of a kind and made out of cedar.
If you need to butter up to the sweetheart when your in Waskish stop by Sandy‘s as you come in to town, she has all sorts of antiques and things made form the area.
North Country convenience store has all munchies a guy would need and also offer off sale. The owner Frank and Jana are super nice people. The wife Kellie works there so who knows maybe you can meet the better half. They also offer wild rice grown and packaged from the farmer I work for, Rinestone farms.
Which ever resort you go out of this winter please be careful and use common sense. Stay away from the berm Hillmens has built along the south side of there road as it will turn into slush at some point in time and it’s not a good place to get stuck. Good luck to all.

December 17, 2008

Digging out of the snow storm from Sunday on Monday did not go to well. After all the planning and prepping blue thunder this fall the front driveshaft wore out. . My trip to Bemidji to find a driveshaft failed as the cold decided to eat the power steering pump on the little red truck that could and I never made it to Bemidji. So yesterday morning I again headed out to get the part. I was able to install the new used part when I got back yesterday afternoon and blue thunder is up and running again.
I did manage to go out on the lake to give her a test drive and check California. There is quite a bit of snow drifted around it. It looks like the best option will be to move it instead of moving all that snow.
Tomorrow will be busy as I clean up the area I plan on bringing the houses to. There’s a fair amount of snow out there. I think most are glad we had some decent ice before we got dumped on. I know I wished it would not have snowed but it’s not something we can control so you have to do the best with what you’re dealt. Mother Nature 1 cookie 0