Day 38 January 23, 2009

Yesterday was another awesome day on the lake. The red baron’s tranny is hurting which is not good news considering it has less then 300 miles on it. It will be interesting to see what the tranny guy will do for me?
Mark and Sandy rolled in yesterday. They hope to eat fish at least twice. When I checked on them last night we had a nice visit and they landed two walleyes while I was there a small one and an 18 1/4. They were up to 8 fish either to small or to big which was good as they were getting action.
Zack and his friends rolled in last night and have a huge group rolling in today. I prepped 7 or 8 driveways for them yesterday as there bringing up 7 hard houses today.
Minnesota and Montana are set up next to each other for Jill plus they are also bring up a hard house.
Kellie and I fished Idaho in its new spot and each landed a walleye while we were trying to eat supper.
I have plenty of holes to auger this morning. Some repair work to do to a couple of our houses, bank Minnesota a little better, make sure all the house have a full propane, meet customers as they roll in, plow another spot or two for hard houses.
Utah is on a new spot and it will be interesting to see how that area does as I’m always looking for an area to ruin? Or fish the snot out of. I may leave Alaska right where it is as the fishing has been decent in that area,.
Let’s hope we have some great fishing this weekend.

Day 37 January 22, 2009

Today and only today will be the 37th day I work on the lake. Just like every other year plans change on the fly due to mother nature, mechanical breakdowns etc.
Yesterday the plan was to prep a couple of new areas I have had my eyes on. The fog that rolled in was thick as pea soup and made it a little tough to see where you were going. Buy mid afternoon it was a little better. With no wind and the temps in the 20s it was a spectacular day to be on the lake. The day before I got some great pics of a sunrise. Yesterday while banking Idaho and Florida in there new spots the quietness in the air was so peaceful. Tony and I sure enjoyed the day as we spent the day on the lake.
Dave and Dallas headed home. They fished with suckers and did decent until I made them release a fish that was just over 17. Dave said they never caught another fish after that.
Scott and his brother, nephew and niece had decent fishing after we moved Montana. They had 8 walleyes and landed a 41 inch pike yesterday.They also partied hard with Brian, Ron, Mike and Jack in Idaho.
I over heated the rebuilt tranny in the red baron twice trying to move to much snow. The v is not cutting the way its spose too and we are still trying to address that problem. I added a transmission cooler and will be changing some of the fluid as the sun comes up this morning. Tony fished a new spot for me the night before last and landed 3 walleye and a bonus crappie.
We start to fill the houses today as we have another busy day.
Idaho is still open for next weekend, 30th, 31rst and if you stay Sunday you can fish and watch the super bowl on the two TVs and satellite dish. Old Minnesota is open the last weekend of walleye and we now have are budget sleeper on the lake, Alaska, which has a few weekends open.
I better get busy as it’s getting light out.

Day 35 January 20, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days. It started off plowing out 8 miles just in case the road was drifted in a bit. Nancy, Kevin and Max were packing up and had 8 keepers. They fished from 4 pm tell 9am and managed 14 eyes and one small pike.
Heading back in I met Phil to plow him a spot and overworked the red Baron as I overheated the tranny?
After letting it cool down and talking to the tranny guy that rebuilt it I took it easy back to Idaho to meet Tonyboy and investigate a little further. Everything seemed ok as I checked on Brian and his crew and Tony checked on Dallas and Dave.
Dallas and Dave were managing about one fish an hour and were fine. Brian and the boys had a little slower fishing. They did manage to catch a 31 inch pike that had one of Jordon’s lures from the day before.
I then started to make a new area for houses when I again over heated the tranny on the red baron. Darn the luck if it’s not Mother Nature kicking you a$$ its mechanical failure.
I then got a call from Kellie the wife. Her car was dead. Now the winds picked up and just like that I’m dealing with two major problems? Now let’s throw in some snow flurries and a little extra wind gusts to make the day. After getting her car up and running it was time to install a tranny cooler in the red baron. Installation time said 1/2 hour and I spent twice that time reading and rereading the instructions. After smashing out the grill “who needs a grill” and removing the electric fan Tonyboy and I were able to install the tranny cooler and put here all back together minus one grill. The last hour was spent working in the dark all though the wind did die down as the temps dropped. Installation time just under 3 hours. They need to reprint there instructions. Oh well its water under the bridge and we will try and get back on track today.

Day 32 January 17, 2009

Day 32,
Jake headed home Thursday morning with his three walleyes. We moved California twice looking for a hot bite. Jake liked the new spot so we will see how Tony and Nells do this weekend.
Dale, Elaine, Tammy and Zorro fished Montana 3 nights with very limited success. We eve moved Montana the third day. Florida was also on a new spot for Jr and his two buddies. They caught over 25 fish and went home with there 3 a piece.
Dennis and his crew arrived early yesterday morning. They did not mention they were also bringing a wheel house so we had to wait until later in the day to plow them a spot.
When I checked in with them last night they had just got back from Westwind. Two were passed out and they had one line in at prime time? I wonder how many fish they will catch.
Susy, Wayne and their two boys had all caught one fish and had two in the bucket when I stopped in last night. Pat and Todd two of my best customers had landed four. Todd has graphs and charts of all the fish they have caught over the years and it is quite interesting to see the trends. They plan on taking advantage of Westwind deal on cooking fish and plan on going in for a fresh fish fry today.
Bummer the guys in Utah never showed what a shame as we had many calls for this weekend. Jordon and his crew roll in for Montana and Tony was going to pre-fish it last night on its new spot. We are fishing in an area that has small rocks and boulders
it seems if you get to far away from them the fishing really slows down. Tony is out 8 miles and we will see how they do in the muck bottom later today.
It’s nice to wake up with the temps above 0 but now we will be dealing with snow and wind. It’s amazing how much another person helping makes things run smoother. I will be scouting out a few new areas where they may be a crappie or two hiding so we will see if that pans out. The guys in the cabin may need a fish house if the weather turns bad. So we will move New York our day house further out. Mike and his crew will be rolling in at 7 and I have an area all picked out for them. Then John and his family will also be rolling in and need a spot plowed. Another busy day ahead.

Day 27 January 12, 2009

Not sure how to start this report as it was an odd weekend. Pat and his crew of 15 rolled in Thursday in spirits. It made it tough to check them in and go over the few rules I have about our houses. Time they were all here the drinks were going down and the rules were never clarified. I believe in second chances so if they call for next year I will take care of them even though I was a little disappointed the way they left the houses. I always try and have the houses spick and span when customers arrive and ask them to please leave the house in the condition they received it. I don’t think Montana had a sink full of dirty dishes when they arrived? I also don’t think I peed in the banking on the side of the houses? At least they puked a little ways from the houses. I also don’t remember leaving fish guts in the house or fish slime in the sinks.
The older group in Utah left the house as close as possible to how it was and believe me I do appreciate that as it makes detailing out the houses go much smoother.
Now enough venting. The new area we had the houses had some decent action. Florida and old Minnesota seemed to do the best with many walleyes caught 1 crappie 1 eel pout.
Pat said Friday night he thought a school of crappies may of came threw as all the bobbers and rattle wheels went crazy as he landed the one lone crappie well after midnight while all the guys were passed out. There was also a big pike that they had on twice under Florida plus it got a rod and reel. Utah also did well and landed a couple of pike just over 30 plus many walleyes. The bunch in Montana were lost in there own world. They did not land many fish. I know of one for sure. Plus I moved there house on Friday to a fresh spot. Looking at there set up on Saturday eve was quite interesting. One of the rattle wheels had a small jig on a steel leader tied to braided line.
Another line had a lead head jig the size of a marble with a small crappie minnow under a gigantic bobber. Another line was just under the ice with a sucker minnow?
California was little slow for the guys standards. They also landed a pike or two over 30 inches and some walleyes but never had any flurries. They also landed a walleye over 25 inches. That house was also on a new spot.
John and his buddies pulled in with a tow behind and also had Idaho. They also had good fishing but never flurries just one here one there though out the weekend but consistent.
New York had customers Saturday and Sunday and also caught walleyes. Drew and his family had 4 in the bucket the last I saw them.
Mike from has steady action and packed up yesterday.
Remember to bring the portables and I can point you in the right direction for a chance at more than one crappie.

Day 24 January 9, 2009

Yesterday was another busy day as I had to rush out onto the lake to deal with a propane issue that was completely my fault. Bill and John ran out of heat. I had told them earlier in the day if there was any problems just sleep and fish in Idaho. I had an appointment and totally forgot to put a new tank on their house. I guess we all make mistakes and try and learn from them. The good thing is they did catch some fish and had a good time.
They caught over 20 fish but felt it was a little slow. John was whining about how slow it was yesterday when he landed a nice fat 16 3/4 walleye. I just rolled my eyes and went on my way. They also landed 1 30 inch pike with a couple of lures in its mouth. Bruce and his crew went home with their 9 walleyes and also enjoyed a fish fry in
Pat and his crew rolled in yesterday starting around 3pm. They had a party of 15 and all got sidetracked on the way up. Some others rolled in after 7pm and were grumpy as they had stopped at a casino. Not sure when the others rolled in as I was tired and hungry. I will head out in a bit and make sure they know all the rules such as not peeing on the side of the house, bagging up the poo bags, not drilling holes near any snow banks, etc.
With a turnover of California I again will be starting the day off busy as a beaver. John will also be rolling in and I need to plough out a spot for his wheel house close to Idaho.
Josh needs a spot ploughed plus he needs a little help digging his house out of the woods.
Sounds like Jake wants to come up Sunday and start scouting again for the elusive Upper Red Lake crappie mother load? At this time we will stay focused on the good walleye fishing. If you bring a portable I can and will point you in the right direction to better your odds at finding a crappie or two.
Mike from is out fishing in their hard house and hope to see if they can find a crappie or two today in their portables.
It’s getting light so I better hit the trail.

Day 22, January 7, 2009

Day 22 and it’s impossible to ever take a day off which is fine with me. I’m always a day behind though and there’s always something that’s unplanned to deal with. Hopefully Bruce, Tubby and Brian caught some fish in Montana and I do not have to worry about letting them fish in another house. It’s always been a problem of mine putting fishermen in a house that may be burned out. If we could have the houses on some sort of structure I think the houses would stay fishy longer.
The way the snow is piling up I would suggest guys bring portables if they would like a better chance at crappies.
I sent a few guy out of Hillmen’s last weekend. Mitch and his two buddies caught 4, Keith got 3 or more. Another guy hammered the walleyes. So they are still a few to catch. Hillmen’s is still your best bet to get into the best crappie grounds although I will keep scouting for them. We managed to catch a few stragglers at 3.7 miles out of Agassiz but never any numbers. Not sure why its just one here or there wish I could figure it out.

I should have all the houses out of that area by the end of the day and there’re trails all over the place from the Red Baron. Who knows maybe there’s a school in that area and I never landed on top of them. The lure of Upper Red Lake is in my blood. Kellie the wife will be tickled pink to land a couple this year. She gets so mad when I can not put the house on a crappie for her. Well I have plenty to do before light so I better get busy.

Day 21, January 6, 2009

I earned my money today. After opening up a trail to California and Minnesota I was back home to meet Bruce and his two friends and get them checked into Montana then off to get California. When I pulled it into that spot last Thursday I had a heck of a time and paid for it today as she was froze in pretty good. It took quite the doing but as the sun went down I was on the road heading to a new area.
I still have not had time to retrieve my sled and it sounds like Kelly P may have ploughed out to it. With so much going on all I can do is hope its safe until I can get out there. It’s not abandoned just broken and stranded at the time. I think it was much safer before a road was ploughed to it but how was he supposed to know.
Tomorrow is another super busy day as Pat and his crew will be rolling in Thursday for 4 houses and my goal was to have them all on new spots. Then Friday Idaho and California have customers. Plus we have New York rented Saturday and again Sunday. Then let’s not forget Mother Nature lurking to do her damage.

Day 18, January 05, 2009

Man oh man – 23 this morning. Is it just me or is Mother Nature giving me the smack down? The morning will be spent getting all the equipment up and running. I will have to wait for the weather to warm before we do any serious work today.
Jake had a few buddies show up yesterday so it was like hey guys if you want you can fish in Idaho. Being a new house it needs to be seasoned and catch some fish. After taking a peek inside they were all over that and kicked back, caught some fish and for a little bonus enjoyed the or “how you look at it” not enjoyed the Vikings game. It would have been nice if the Vikings could have won while they were fishing.
I have a few things Jake will be taking care of today that I never seem to have time to do. We have a big crew coming Thursday and again I would like all the houses on fresh ice.
The rocket needs to be rescued to get that off my mind. California will take some doing to dig out as we vacate that area. There was just enough crappie out in that area to keep me interested but its time to go to better fishing grounds.
The area we have Montana, Utah, and Idaho has been pretty good but in the back of my mind I wonder if it’s going to burn out. I think there’s plenty of room to make my way west from there as east has only produced bigger fish.
While Wayne was here we were able to play the game Wii, what a hoot. Kellie was undefeated in bowling going 5 and 0
I was able to spank Wayne in one round of golf but the fun game was tennis man did I ever laugh. I stubbed my toe twice in Old Minnesota on a chair before I had the common sense to throw the chair out of the fish house. It would be real fun to play the Greek as he loves tennis. Well I have paper work to do so better get busy.

Day 17, cont.

Wayne headed home with his 3 walleye and a bonus crappie. Andy and his crew did real well and lost track of how many fish they caught. The guys in our new house Idaho also did well. All the guys out there today have had off and on action. I headed out to the end of Agassiz road this morning to help open the road and plow Joe out as he was out about 6 miles. I also plowed out two other houses that hunkered down and spent the night out there. One house did catch a crappie and some walleyes. Tomorrow I will have to go rescue my sled and start prepping the houses for next weekend. Blue thunder and the red baron need some attention so it’s looking like another busy week. Let’s hope Mother Nature gives us a break. With all the snow the snow banks are piling up. Please avoid drilling next to them as it will cause flooding.